Saturday, November 8, 2008

Meet Jim Piccolo

Education is one of the most important things in life. A person who is building a career needs to have a better education because without education people will not get to far in life. Education is very helpful and it gives people knowledge. Have you ever heard of Nouveau University? Nouveau University is the inspiration and creation of Jim and Mary Piccolo, and Bob Snyder, business leaders renowned for their transformation of the real estate investing seminar business. The founders launched their search for seasoned academic and business professionals who could build a university that would function entirely online. This university combines traditional academic learning with the convenience of online collaboration while attracting students who desire a vibrant learning community focused on their educational success.
Jim Piccolo has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Nouveau Riche since he co-founded it in 2000. He has also served as Chairman of Nouveau University since 2005 and is a principal owner of the university. Jim Piccolo brings with him a unique combination of business leadership, experience, vision and philosophy. Jim's broad business experience spans more than twenty-five years, ranging from President and Chief Executive Officer of a privately held multi-national manufacturing company to a publicly traded international marketing company with four wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States and international concerns.
He has created and acquired more than 40 innovative companies in which he maintains control or significant ownership interest. Jim Piccolo also created a charitable foundation in 2007, The Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation, named for his late father who passed away in 1987 after an agonizing but brief battle with cancer. The foundation supports many children’s charities. The foundation also focuses on promoting volunteerism among families and youth, providing a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities for youth. What a very successful man. If you want to know more about Mr. Piccolo, you should visit this website at

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