Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gravesite Masters

Have you ever heard of the Gravesite Masters? The Gravesite Masters offers cemetery grave site care, beautification, and stone restoration. They perform gravesite beautification and individual plot maintenance and care in area cemeteries for both the individual customers, who have loved ones buried there, as well as the cemeteries. They provide nationwide delivery of both fresh-cut and artificial flowers and wreaths, flower planting and watering, grave site maintenance and restoration. They also do landscaping - including new sod, over-seeding, fertilizing, grass trimming, and watering,headstone cleaning and polishing, stone and monument leveling and repair. They provide nationwide service to all cemetery locations, although, some services may not be available in certain areas. Flower and wreath delivery and other limited services are available to any cemetery across the nation. Whereas, more specialized services, such as stone repair and reconstruction are limited to the areas serviced by the Gravesite Master Professionals who have specialized training and experience in such a skilled area. They can repair and restore most headstones, gravestones, monuments, and vaults that have been broken or damaged. They also reset stones that are leaning or have fallen in order to make them level once again. The Gravesite Masters offers wide variety of products related to grave site beautification, headstone accessories, memorial items, and bereavement products. These includes: fresh-cut flowers, bouquets, and wreaths artificial flower bouquets, wreaths, and swags potted plants vase and flower pot holders for flat stones and monuments, flags, flag holders & cases, and veterans markers, casket saddles and wreath holders flower vases and planters shepherd’s hooks and wreath stands memorial rocks, trees, and boulders memorial prints (artwork), figurines, and jewelry, tear bottles, crosses, and memorial plaques solar angels and crosses urns for humans and pets. Use Gravesite Masters flower shop for sending flowers, gifts, roses, plants & more. If you would like to know more about the Gravesite Masters, you can visit them now for more details.