Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Morning Has Broken!

Good Morning Folks! Another day another blogwalking day for me! Now, I have much time to do networking because I don't have any assignments yet. I will be expecting an assignment tomorrow from our teacher. Well, it is not a bigger of a deal because I am taking an online class.
Anyhow, how is your morning people? Did you get any opportunity yet? heheh... Me? not yet! I don't get any task today from PPP. Well, the day is not over yet.hehhe..Good luck everyone. By the way, I still don't know this "AFFILIATE" thing from SS works. Did anybody get paid from doing the affiliation opportunities? I'm just curious.


amiable amy said...

i am not yet a member but, i will be and i promised cookie for that...she said it is good ,but, if you are not yet a member, would you be my downline? hahaha...abusar ... 7months in my present world yet :)

Umma said...

Hi Dhemz.. PPP is quite today for me no opps.. I havent tried the SS for the affiliation bec I dont know how it works.