Thursday, September 18, 2008


It's been one month and a half since we moved in to our new place. Things went out great. We enjoyed living here, and there are much of things that I can do (gardening). I mentioned before that I want to do some landscaping on our back/side yard. I mostly did take off the weeds and some of the stubborn roots. I cultivated the soil to make it soft and I sprinkled some of the sod seeds. My husband already set up the fence on the side part of my garden few days ago, and I am planning to paint it. I want the fence to separates the side garden from the backyard, because I want the side garden to be a private space. I also plan to put up a water fountain or something. I don't have a theme yet. I am on the stage of searching and incorporating some ideas from the web and magazines.
Today, we went to Home Depot to get some bricks. I want to put the bricks for the edges, I hope I picked the right kind. I will start to put it on tomorrow. I am scarred if I mess up because we bought plenty of them. :)
My ideal garden.


Ciela said...

My heart melts for that landscaped garden. How I wish I could have one like that on my place. Unfortunately, ours is just a small one and no more place for such beautiful garden.

Unknown said...

hey very creative too hehe.

i will definitely make my garden look as good as that when i have a garden of my own :P

merlyn said...

wow very nice garden you have, tnx Demz for always passing by ha? basig naa kay kaila nga byudo unya gusto companionship hehehehe ihatag ko hehehe, God bless you and your family always Happy weekend.

Chubskulit Rose said...

wow, pwede ka na magbusiness ng landscaping sisterrette hehe..