Monday, March 26, 2018

3 Eco-Friendly Tips to Follow this Easter

Easter is a fun holiday. It’s about new beginnings and new life, and people gather together to celebrate that with delicious meals, fun treats, and lots and lots of candy in little plastic eggs. But what happens when those candy wrappers don’t make it to the trash or when those little plastic eggs don’t get found at the park?

BioLogiQ, a manufacturer of eco-friendly plastic resin pellets, has come together to help us give you a list of tips to help you be more environmentally aware during this holiday.

Use Real Eggs instead of Plastic
When you have your annual Easter egg hunt with all the cousins, try using real eggs instead of plastic eggs. True, real eggs aren’t as exciting to a child as eggs with candy in them, but there are ways to enhance the excitement.

Try writing numbers on the real eggs that you hide. Each number can correspond to a prize that the child gets to pick out - candy, toys, money. This will keep the excitement real, even if they don’t get to open the prize as soon as they find it.

Make Candies, or Buy Local
Instead of buying mass produced candies with all kinds of wrapping on them, try making your own candies or buying local.

Buy some colorful candy melts in bulk from your grocery store. You can get silicone molds of fun Easter shapes to melt them in. Or make a big deal out of going to a local chocolatier. It will be so fun to let each of your kids pick out a quality chocolate to support local stores rather than handing them a bag of cheaply made candies that you can get anytime.

Easter Basket Grass is a No
Find a good replacement for the plastic grass that everyone puts in their Easter baskets. How often does that plastic even make it to a trash can? Most of it probably ends up on the floor or outside at the park where you had your party.

Some good replacements for the traditional plastic grass is shredded newspaper, yarn, ribbons, tissue paper or any other easily recyclable materials. You could even use new clothes or a blanket for filling in the basket. Then it will be something they can keep and use for a long time.

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When you’re trying to go green, celebrations can be a challenge and give us a sense of overwhelm, green failure, or both. Don’t let it happen to you! Having the right mindset, good planning and a bit of creativity can make your celebrations both eco-friendly and joyful!