Monday, October 2, 2017

10 DIY Halloween Pallet Projects

Wood pallets have been all the craze this year it seems, so why not keep it going with some awesome Halloween decorations? From pumpkins to tombstones, you can create just about anything you put your mind to with these wood pallet projects.
1. Spooky Fence
Line your house with this eerie fence. Let trick-or-treaters feel like they are walking through a grave to get to your home, and be the creepiest house on the block!
2. Walkway Entrance
Add a haunted house experience to your décor with this walkway entrance. Paint it with browns, blacks and grays for a spookier feel. Stream spider webs and spatter fake blood along it. You could even place it next to your door so trick-or-treaters are standing in your homemade haunted house when they ring the doorbell.
3. Pumpkins
If you don’t like all the creepy decorations that come with Halloween, there are still some projects for you too. These cute pallet pumpkins allow you to get creative, using your favorite color schemes and painting techniques to add the perfect fall décor to your home.
4. Pallet Graveyard
Make a pallet graveyard to go with your spooky fence. This is the perfect addition to your Halloween decorations to give passersby the eerie feel that Halloween brings at night. If you want to go the extra mile with the eerie factor, consider adding a fog machine to your graveyard.

5. Coffin
What haunted yard would be complete without this pallet coffin? Collect fake limbs and blood to bring this decoration to life…or to death? If you like scary your trick-or-treaters, or just random guests, you can have someone hide in the coffin – without the chain around it of course – and pop out for a nice jump scare.

6. Trapped Underground
Dig a hole, then get some red lights, fake hands and a pallet, and wa-la! Put this in or along the walkway to scare trick-or-treaters when they have to walk by it. If you’re going for haunted decorations this year, this addition to your ensemble is a must.
7. Lamp Post
Put together some awesome lamp posts that are sure to scare. Add to the look with spider webs, skulls, and rats. You’ll need something to light up your spooky Halloween decorations.
8. Boarded Up Windows
If you’re really wanting to go all out this year, consider boarding up your windows with some recycled pallets. Turn red lights on in the rooms at night so the whole neighborhood can see it.
9. Signs
Create some signs to your favorite paranormal, extraterrestrial, or all around creepy places. Anyone up for a trip to Transylvania?
10. Wooden Ghost
You can’t have Halloween without ghosts! Try making this silly ghost if you don’t want to scare off all your younger trick-or-treaters.


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