Monday, August 14, 2017

Five 90’s fads, that should stay in the 90’s

If you’ve lived through a few decades, you will have seen some pretty wild fashion trends. Some are better than others, but some should probably remain in their time period. The team at the Center for Dental Excellence, local dentists in Pocatello Idaho, put together a list of their top 5 90’s fads that should stay in the 90’s. After seeing our list, you may see or remember these gems!

JNCO Jeans
Polar opposite of today’s skinny jeans, JNCO Jeans were baggy to the extreme. Large enough to smuggle a large pizza, 2 liter cola, and a side of breadsticks into a movie theater, these Jeans were all the craze during the 90’s. There are mixed feelings about the jeans from those who lived through them, some saying they were a great product and fashionable to the max, while others recognized their absurdity during all the hype. Opinions are opinions, and you can decide for yourself, however these jeans are a page in the history books that should probably just stay there.


It is safe to say almost every girl who grew up in the 90’s knows about the scrunchie. A hair product in bright or multi colored varieties, the scrunchie was a go-to for a quick hair-do, and could be an accessory to any outfit you had. The scrunchie was worn by tv stars across nearly every network, which simply revved up the fad exponentially.

Rat tails
This hairstyle could be seen on males and females, from toddlers all the way up to grown adults. Cousin of the mullet, the rat tail made almost zero sense, and to this day experts are still trying to figure out how it got traction. Similar to the Jedi Braid, the rat tail was often braided for added appeal, and quite literally resembled a rat sitting atop a person’s head, with tail running down their back. We’ll let you be the judge, but the rat tail is most definitely a fad that should stay in the rear view.


There may not have been a single person in the 90’s who didn’t have a pair of overalls. It was not uncommon to see children wearing only overalls, running up and down the streets. However overalls were not just a children's clothing fad, grown adults wore overalls regularly, being even more trendy by only wearing one shoulder strap instead of two, which increased the level of cool dramatically. Although overalls were all the rage in the 90’s, unless you are a farmer or craftsman, let’s just keep those tucked away in history.

Typically worn by bikers, the head bandana had a tough guy connotation, which nearly everyone tried impersonating. If you didn’t own a bike, it was ok. All you had to do was thrown on a puka shell necklace and you were as cool as it gets. It wasn’t uncommon for women to wear the head bandana while working out in the yard, or painting a room in the house. Transcending both race, culture, and genders the head bandana was a fashion statement that many caught onto, and you can still see the bandana in a number of forms towards the latter half of 2017. A once trendy accessory, the banda should probably retire, so we can remember its legacy.

Although fashion trends come and go, and many of them are quite funny, there are some things that should always be part of your daily life and should never fade out. One of which is oral health. From the beginning of time, to the end of time, maintaining a healthy oral hygiene regimen should be a constant part of your life. It is said that the mouth is the window to the body, and if not taken care of, the body will suffer consequently.

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Jen Temcio said...

Ha ha ha! I totally agree with you about every one of these fads. I had forgotten about JNCO jeans...those were BAD!