Monday, May 19, 2014

Interactive Educational Children's Toys @LearningJourney

Have you ever noticed that video games and other tech systems have become such a familiar part of today's culture? Nowadays, most kids I know are engrossed in electronic games and other gadgets. Honestly, I rarely see kids playing outside these days. My daughter on the other hand is only allowed to use computers and watch a movie on the weekends, and sometimes with limited use. As a concern mom, I think it is best to let our kids use their brains, limit screen time and use their imagination with games, social relationships, and other outdoor activities.
So if you are planning to buy toys that will help build your child's creativity and skills, you might want to check The Learning Journey International. The Learning Journey International is an award-winning company selling quality educational products, puzzles, electronic toys, and games for children.
I was given the opportunity to work with them and review one of their Techno Gears Marble Mania, the Coaster Series. My daughter was so ecstatic when the toy arrived, and was overwhelmed with all the pieces!
The product is beautifully made and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. My daughter was able to put it together after a few hours with some help from us. I thought the assembly process was over 5 hours but well worth the time. Hey, we're a team!
This building assembly kit has 400 colorful pieces that can create your own thrill ride. Each piece is very well made and high quality. The automatic marble launcher will propel marbles through the giant marble loop and into a series of twisting and turning roller coaster tracks accompanied by fun roller coaster sounds. The set includes multiple channels, 3-D connectors and structures, dual spiral lifters, flashing lights and much more.
Kids will also learn many things that go along with this toy; patience, logic, and all things that contribute to a child's overall development. Pay attention to details is a must! My daughter's favorite part is the roller coaster sound effects with kids screaming in the background. She is having a blast every time she plays with it.
This is definitely a one of a kind gift and kids would absolutely love it! It's cool, colorful, and entertaining. I would highly recommend this fun learning toy to everyone.
For more details or would like to order, you should visit today and check out some of their products! You might also want to like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for updates and promotions. Watch this video and see how this awesome toy works!


  1. I love interactive games/toys for my children. My daughter will love this!

  2. I do agree sis. Whenever my kids would tell their classmate that we went hiking or do something outdoors, they always think that it is NO fun! I told my kids that it's okay if they think so as long as we are having fun!

    Oh the Burritos would love to have one of this hehehe. Great job Akesh!

  3. OMG the Accelerator looks like SOOO much fun! The boys would LOVE this!

  4. Interactive toys and games are high on our list for kids and this one looks like loads of fun.

  5. I must be a guilty Mom for letting my kid play on his tablet often, but i just can't help because there's no kids in the neighborhood. However, i make sure that i bring my kid with me so he can have an interactions if not with nature then maybe with some adult acquaintance.

  6. I totally agree with you right there. It is so easy to get tempted to have the gadgets babysit for us. Interactive toys are still the way to go for me. I also limit my son with gadgets and consoles :)

  7. I agree with you. Kids nowadays are very dependent to different technologies and gadgets as much as we adults are.

  8. my boy would surely love to have this. i do encourage interactive play and learning too.

  9. Exposing your kids to educational games is much, much better than letting them play video games.

  10. I find it very interesting to build, as kids would love complicated things and complete the puzzle for a much greater prize.

  11. Mommy D,
    that is one toy to build and play with :-) I am sure that the pretty girl is having a wonderful building it. It is great for hand coordination and brain too :-) My K will definitely love that toy too

  12. My son has one of these! I was lucky enough to work with them last year and my son and his friend had so much watching me build this! haha They were so excited by the time it was done they didn't know what to do! they had a blast once they got their excitement out!

  13. This a very good toy to enhance kid's brain. How many hours she build this toy?


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