Monday, March 3, 2014

Girls Engineering Day

We received a letter a few weeks ago from our daughter's school. It's actually a "congratulation" letter from her art teacher. Among 24 students in her class she and her friend were chosen to go on a trip to University of Texas - Austin for the Girls in Engineering Day. 
What a lucky girl! Hubby didn't hesitate to send her off. I was kind of hesitant and concern to send her because she's never been on a long day trip without us. I thought about it for a night and I figured that it would be a good opportunity for her to learn and be independent. 
I love their Longhorn Shirts. Toyota was kind enough to sponsor the whole trip. We got our money back. Thanks TOYOTA!
Akesha and her classmate, Mercedes.
It's sad to see my preemie grow up so quickly....whoaah! Time goes by so fast.


  1. Awww buti pa kayo pwede pumunta hehehe. Congrats Akesh! During Rye's first field trip, parents were not allowed wahh.

  2. Time gone by so so quick, dalaga naman jd si akesha uy samut ka gwapa. congrats kulot. enjoy your trip

  3. Whoa!!! What an swesome opportunity that was for Akesh, Dhemz! I am glad you let her go even without you! Hahaha. Ka-nice sa ilang bus nga gisakyan oi! Sayang kay walay spot for chaperons.

    Way to go, future engineer Akesh! Yay!

  4. Wow - what an awesome opportunity for your daughter! Congratulations!


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