Friday, February 7, 2014

Jesus Loves Me

Hubby grew up in a musically inclined family, I'm not! They love to sing and play music. Some of our nephews and nieces can play instruments and sing very well. Four of them are actually in a band.
I'm not sure about our daughter, but she loves the piano ever since she was 2-year's old.
Akesha @ 3yo.
So every time we visit hubby's brother(s) or sister(s) house(s), hubby and Akesha would always steal the piano!
Akesha @ 5yo.
Hubby knows how to play a little bit, and he has been dreaming of buying a piano for a long time for his little girl. We've waited for 5 years to get one. Hey, piano is expensive!
We purchased a Baldwin piano as a Christmas present for our daughter. Now she's taking lessons and enjoys doing it. She also loves to sing when hubby is playing the piano.


  1. Galing pala ni Greg magpiano sis. Akesha can really sing, good tandem. Maya kayo naming magjowa para mapanood din naming.

  2. Awww! Akesh sings so very nicely, Dhemz! Is she good na at playing the piano? How nice oi kay unay ug teacher! Makes me so excited to meet you guys someday soon! Magkasabot jud si Triz ug Akesh sa music taste! :D Maayo pa mo nakapalit na jud ug piano. Kami kay piktyur ra sa piano. Hahaha.

  3. That's my hubby's dream for our elder daughter too, like being able the piano or violin, but Askim looks like interested in singing and dancing lang. Hehe.

  4. ka cute sa imung akesha bayot. nindot sila ky naa jd father and daughter bonding. mao mn sd ni si jose bayot, kabalo mo play ug piano pero wala lng jd ni siya social life,

    nindot si goryo ky i show jd ang talent. nice ug tingog si akesha angelic voice, ky nag piano lesson naman si akesh bibo na diha sa inyong balay puhon ky duha na gaplay ug piano.

  5. This is my son's favorite song and he sung it to my mom while she was on her death bed. I enjoyed listening to your little daughter, great tandem.

  6. kumusta na...ngayon lang uli nakapunta kasi ngayon pa lang nagka internet pagkatapos ng bagyong yolanda...

  7. You should be proud sis my talent ang iyong mag ama :)


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