Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Embellished Gymnast Halo from #UrbanHalo

My daughter has been in gymnastics for awhile now. She loves going to the gym every week and never wants to stop practicing. As a mom, I am happy and so proud by her determination. One thing that she don't like to be doing is when she's putting on her leotards and fixing her hair. She hates me when I do her hair...lol! Hey, you don't want your hair in your face when you are doing gymnastics.
I'm glad I found an awesome replacement for her traditional headbands, introducing UrbanHalo headband. Yay, no more whining and crying! UrbanHalo is a unique and fashionable line of headbands. They are functional for workouts, can spice up the typical ponytail, yet be fashionable. Perfect for moms and little girls.
My daughter loved her new Embellished Gymnast Halo! She thought it's comfortable to wear and it stays in her hair very well, unlike most headbands. This versatile headband has been hand-crafted using a soft lycra fabric. Its unique design featuring raw edges, offers you the ability to wear your headband wide, narrow or scrunched. Great for workouts and run errands.  No sweat, no slip, no headache, it's like a hug for your head. I would highly recommend this product!
Check out my daughter in action while wearing her new Embellished Gymnast Halo.

For more details or would like to order, you should visit myurbanhalo.com today! You might want to like them on Facebook for updates and promotions. So what are you waiting for?

Here are some styles that I love:

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  1. well this is pretty!! makes you inspired to work out even more or do your sport thing :)

  2. THat is very pretty , bagay na bagay sa future olympic gymnast..

  3. It's soooo cute! I'm sure the pretty gymnast loved it and is now asking for more UrbanHalos. :-)

  4. Very trendy. It's a great gift idea for my cousin who is starting to go to the gym.

  5. That is a reallu cute headband complete with shiny embellishments!

  6. The embellishment is nice, perfect for your little gymnast. The printed blue one is nice too.

  7. I'm empress of akesha bayot ky kugihan mag practice and very athletic. Sus akong mga dragonz mag cge ra mn ug buga ug kalayo perti mn ka mga katapulan, walay social life, and hates sports. jake doesn't like sports si justine ganahan pero mura ma influence ni jake.

    maayo pa si akesha ky multi talented and multi tasking, piano lesson, plus gym plus school pa jd. ako nya patakdan ning akong mga sunoy diri

  8. I totally love this one - very helpful for any workouts too! <3

  9. interesting band, this would be nice for all fitness enthusiasts or yoga wannabe


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