Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fashionable Puppies

Daughter is into fashion lately. Last night she drew and colored some bags, shoes and dresses. Hey, she might be a fashion guru someday...lol! 
She's been begging me recently to get some outfit for her puppies. She wants them to look pretty and beautiful. And I told her NO! I don't want to spend money for that. I thought she's going to whine...lol! But I'm glad she wasn't upset that I refused. She made them pretty though!


  1. she has a potential for being a fashionista, stylish ug uban pa nga pakikay bayot. maybe she got that from the mommy,. ka cute na sa puppies, paapila si justine ky ganahan kaayo ni siya mga ingon ana

  2. Ka-cute sa puppies! Mao gyud, naay potential si Akesh mahimong fashionista kay liwat iya Mama. hehe


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