Friday, July 12, 2013

Otter Pops: Perfect Summer Treat

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Who doesn't love otter pops? I'm assuming you all know about Otter Pops! It’s easy to see why people love Otter Pops. Have you checked out yet? Looking for something to keep you cool this summer? Why not grab a bag of Otter Pops?! Otter Pops are the fun freezer pop unlike any ‘otter’. These delicious fast freeze ice bars have delighted generations for over 40 years with six zippy flavors - each with a quirky yet lovable Otter character. What’s not to love about the charming Poncho Punch or history buff Alexander the Grape? Then there’s sweet Strawberry Short Kook, and what about jazzy Louie-Bloo Raspberry, Little Orphan Orange and let’s not forget Sir Isaac Lime. With six zippy flavors, you'll never have to choose just one!
We enjoy Otter Pops especially in the summer days. One reason we love about Otter Pops is that they are made with real fruit juice — some varieties have 100% fruit juice — and contain no major allergens. Plus, they are inexpensive cool-off treat.
My daughter enjoyed the music videos and other fun stuff available on Her personal favorite flavor and character is Strawberry Short Kook. She loves her because she's a girly girl and they have so many things in common. My daughter is out of school and already complaining about being bored. So I asked her to create something about the Otter Pops Characters, and she came up with a unique Otter themed art piece.
She wants to see the Otter Band perform on our next cruise vacation.

If your kids are complaining about being bored, why not ask them to create an Otter character costume and act out a “play” with their friends? Or create an Otter themed pop song and perform it for the neighborhood? Or maybe your children aren’t the acting/singing type, why not have them create an Otter themed painting or drawing? Maybe build a whole Lego world for the Otters to live in? Or perhaps they could mold some adorable Otter characters out of PlayDough? For more fun stuff ideas, you should visit  and Chat with the Otter Pop Stars today! Don't forget to like Otter Pops on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for updates and promotions. So what are you waiting for?

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Unknown said...

wala ko kaila ani bayot haha pastilan ignoy ning taga bukid uy, basta anything bugnaw nga makaon mura mulamoy akong mga dragones ani.

btw, hows your cali vacay bayot. na busy na sd ko ug tinapulan, kapoy ning trabahoa uy lisud alsahon ang lawas hehehehe