Monday, July 1, 2013

Banana Tree

A short trip to Home Depot or Lowes would always make my day! The garden/nurseries is my favorite section when going to a hardware store.
So yesterday, we stopped by at our local Home Depot store to get some gardening materials. I was not planning on getting a plant but I saw this healthy banana tree in a corner waving at!
I planted it right away! I'm just hoping that this banana tree will survive the Texas heat.


  1. Wow, may puno ka ng saging sis! Alagaan mo yan ah. Wait, anong klaseng saging yan? Saba, lakatan, or latundan? :)

  2. aguym ug mangunod na inyong saging bayot papalita ko ug isa ka bulig. nindot ning dako ug hwan nga backyard sa ky daghan matanum. kumusta natu imung mais sauna bayot naka sanggi mo? hehe


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