Friday, June 21, 2013

The MiracleFold Laundry Folder

Laundry has been my least favorite household chores. I'm not fond of doing laundry mostly because the whole process always takes forever. That's one reason I don't fold clothes, I use hangers! Also, I do a terrible job when it comes to folding clothes.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to work with They sent me a laundry folder to try in exchange for my honest opinion. I was skeptical at first because I know how much it takes to fold clothes but with MiracleFold, it takes at least 5-seconds to fold a shirt.
I folded a few shirts, pants, and towels. Surprisingly, they look like they belong on the department store shelf. I was really amazed! The result was effortless, very quick, neat, and organized. I highly recommend this miracle laundry folder to everyone.
It is a great product because it basically takes away the pain and dread of dealing with one of the main house chores of laundry folding.

Below are some of the best features and some of the main selling points of the product:
- MiracleFold folds shirts and garmentsevenly & uniformlyin just 5 seconds – in 5 quick & easy steps!
- MiracleFold saves so many hours in folding time & lets you spend more time doing the things you love!
- The MiracleFold will turn your closets and drawers into a MIRACLE of organization!
- MiracleFold is so much fun & easy to use, even your kids and spouse will be happy to join the action!
- MiracleFold works on any shirt and garment, and takes up close to ZERO storage space!
- The MiracleFold is beautifully and masterfully designed, featuring a "no slip" back, retro shaped apertures, and dedicated hand slots!
- The MiracleFold is manufactured using the best quality material; tough but smooth plastic, so that it never requires any maintenance or repair, is very easy to clean and will last a lifetime!

For more details or would like to order, you should check out or purchase it on You might also want to like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for updates and promotions. So what are you waiting for?

Disclosure: Products mentioned above were provided for FREE by TheMiracleFold for product endorsement/review purposes I am disclosing this post in accordance with the FTC guidelines concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


  1. That is awesome! My favorite part of doing laundry, folding so I want one hehehe.

  2. This will make folding clothes a breeze :-) Want one too!

  3. If I could avoid folding clothes, I would. I don't like folding clothes because it takes so much time. But with this miracle fold, it looks folding will be fun! :)

  4. I contacted them and so far i haven't got a reply yet. I love this product because then my husband can help me fold our clothes :)

  5. how interesting! thought i don't really fold our clothes, we hang them.

  6. That's a very neat product to use! I am so keen with my laundry folds and get so frustrated when they are not folded accordingly and in the same size as the rest. Such an OCD right?!? hahaha

    Ria C

  7. Actually, I'm doing the laundry now and I wish to have a bigger miraclefold because my hubby's shirt size is 2XL (American size)or 3XL (Filipino size)

  8. wow, what an awesome product! this is a great help for us who have to do house chores in a snap! the hubby will love this haha, he loves folding clothes more than I do :)

  9. wow, what an awesome product! this is a great help for us who have to do house chores in a snap! the hubby will love this haha, he loves folding clothes more than I do :)

  10. Ang cool!!! It's just like magic! ♥

  11. Wow! perfect product for me, since I do the laundry,et al. Yung pag-fold ng clothes ang mahirap sa akin. Boy's item is an easy thing but lady's clothes..hayz dusa ako.

  12. I checked their site and still down, what a bummer.

  13. Hmmm.. ahahaha Saw the video and I like the pant folding part. Ahahahaha

  14. What a breakthrough. I think I need this product for such a time demanding task.

  15. this is really nice and very interesting, there's always clever ideas nowadays to make life easier! and lucky because i just saw this in discount site here in Bkk and its 50% off, i might get one. thanks for sharing.

  16. Thanks for sharing this miracle fold bayot. sulbad sa mga bana nga dili mamilo ky di daw kamao hehehe.


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