Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lab Test

I had my blood drawn yesterday, and it was excruciating! They took a lot of blood...waaah! If it's not for something important, I would have not gone to my! I still have to go back again tomorrow for another blood drawn. I guess the nurse forgot that she has to take 5 test tubes. Gosh, how much blood do they need from me?!


  1. What happened sis? Why do you need a lab test? I had OGTT test like a couple of months ago so I know how you feel. Kaloka din talaga ang dami ng blood na kinukuha. Kainis pa yung nurse kasi namaga talaga ang veins ko at nagpasa. Di ata marunong eh! :/

  2. Arrrgghhh I hate that part. Goodluck sis, sana maging positive ang maging outcome. Mwah!


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