Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BPC 121/365: My Baptismal Dress

For those of you who don't know me, my full maiden name was Demcy Tinoy Apdian. My family calls me "Lhil" and my friends call me"Dhemz". I was born on the 20th of August, 1983. I am the second of three children and the only girl in the family. I grew up in a small town in Misamis Oriental, Philippines where everyone knows everyone! Neither one of my parents graduated from college, but they're both hard workers and good providers. My parents may not have all the resources when me and my sibs are little but I have to say that we have some great childhood memories growing up.
Anyways, the photo above is my baptismal dress when I was 4 months old. My mother kept it for  many years, and it is still in good condition. I remember when she hand it to me during my 18th birthday. I was really touched and very emotional that day. I truly admire my mom for keeping our childhood stuff. Thanks Ma!
I found this baptismal photo of mine when I went to the Philippines last year. Too bad this picture got affected during typhoon Sendong (2011). The priest who officiates the ceremony was Father Flynn from the US. 


  1. awwww what a good daughter bayot, a supportive sis and loving wifey. tague ni sa kaban jd ky maynlng ni ikapasa sa apo. hehehe. kami among mga senina pag bata pa gapanghakuton mn sa cousin ug uban pa kaila.

    anyway good to know more about the host char ako d i si darna bayot waaaaa. wll post my entry lateh. tahtah

  2. What a memorable moment mommy to keep all these years. I would be happy as well if I have some memories of those times when I was little. That was so sweet of your mom to keep it. She was such a sweet mother.

  3. Sayang yung photo ano sis. Love the baptismal dress, what a keepsake.

  4. Oh wow! that holds great memory. Made me emotional reading your post mami dhemz. You are so lucky that you still have that dress in you. or at least you were able to see that dress you had once worn.

  5. How nice that you'd be able to see those dress that you use to wear when you were a kid. I only want to see my clothes when I was a baby but I see none. I'm happy for you that you have that. Great.

  6. I think our Moms are very sentimental. My Mom too kept our baptismal dress when we were little. That really is a keepsake from our past.

  7. i havent posted mine again, im back bayot. that's a sentemental memorabilia of your childhood bayot. keep it in a safe place.

  8. how nice that your Mama didn't pass it to someone who had a baby. perfect memory to remember as Mother's day is upcoming. love it yotch.

  9. one of my bestfriend's last name is Tinoy, from Bicol naman sis. :) i admire your mom for keeping your baptismal dress in such a good condition after all these years.

  10. awww that is soooo precious indeed! Sayang sa foto pero segi lang ang importante safety ang tanan.

    Join this time Dhemz : )

  11. Wow Dhemz! That is an antique, worth a million na guro na karon! Lol. Seriously though, how lucky and blessed of you for having such a sweet mom! She is a keeper! Ug ka-swerte pud nimo nga iksaw ra isa girl. I am sure you are so spoiled! :) Daghan baya mga Tinoy sa Talakag Dhemz. Didto baya ko ang 7 years sa akong childhood na-spent and I have elementary friends nga Tinoy.

    Samok kaayo ni si Sheila kay sige lang balik-balik mag-announce nga wala pay iyahang entry, hahaha!

    Yay May! So far wala pa koy na-miss sa BPC and I hope I won't miss a thing this month! :)


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