Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Losing Her Baby Teeth for the First Time

Our little miss turned SEVEN last April 15th. Five days after her birthday was a memorable day for us. She lost both of her lower central incisor teeth. I know...I can't believe it happened at the same time. What a milestone!
It was last Saturday when she lost her baby! I'm not a dentist but I've managed to pull both teeth in just a couple of minutes. It was a successful and painless! Thanks to the magical floss and Orajel canker sore gel...wahehhee!
 Here's the exciting part! Hubby and I were debating about "Tooth Fairy". He wants Akesha to believe that TF is real, and I disagreed...Akesha was confused! Anyhow, to make the long argument short..I gave in! Since I don't want to ruin our daughter's moment, I've decided to write a "make believe note" from the TF and placed it under her pillow along with a five dollar bill.
Oh, my! I can't believe her expression when she got up in the morning. Her face was so amazed while reading the note! She then told me that "Tooth Fairy" is real...waaaaaa!


  1. Hahaha! Tooth Fairy is real in the person of Mommy! :P

    Congratulations, Akesh! Big girl and a little lady you are now! Nag-una si Triz sa first tooth nga nawala pero the second one, wiggly pa karon, we're still trying to make it wiggle even more kay samokan na sya. Lol. Daku kaayo nga achievement ni nila no? Samantala kita sauna, uyamot kaayo tag kaagi. Hahaha! Mamahood oi! Historic moment, indeed! Congrats to you unlicensed dentist - tooth-fairy in one! :D

    BPC hop!

  2. Andrea believes in toothfairy too! Good job akesh as no need to pay the dentist! Just pay mama! lol

  3. way to go akesh, you are so brave, two teeth at once. wow tell the tooth fairy that she owes you a lot that cute toothsies. hehe ang inahan gi document gyud ang ngipon. she's a certified big girl now ready for a permanent teeth.

  4. You are brave for pulling those teeth out sis. She looks so cute with the gap. Rye lost two teeth this month..

  5. Good job Akesha! What a milestone!! Two teeth at the same time. Not to mention, your teeth look so clean!!! :)

  6. I've been seeing a lot of kids lately who lost their baby teeth. My son is too. He actually on his second tooth right now and its right in front.

  7. Mommy Dhemz, you and your husband made me laugh. hahahaha... Well, I guess it was worth it caving in to your husband's desire to let her believe in the tooth fairy seeing her reaction like that. :) I didn't get any money when I was a kid. Hey! Mom and dad owe me some. hahaha.. She is growing up so big.


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