Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Baskets Hunting

In the Dias household, we don't do the traditional Easter Egg Hunting anymore. Well, we used to do it with Akesha's cousins when we were in California. Instead of easter egg hunting, Akesha did the easter baskets hunting. 
 Hubby and I each made some clues for Akesha. These clues will help her find the baskets hidden around the house. She had to solve some math problems and other crazy tasks that hubby and I came up! It was actually fun and she had a blast searching for the goodies!
She got a basketball hoops from her Papa and she got a cheap doll from!


  1. That's interesting. Bongga naman ng baskets nya! Belated happy Easter sis! :D

  2. looks like a handful for akesh. she looks great in her dress.

  3. this is something fun. maybe we will do it next time.

  4. Wow, what a sweet and generous parents you have there Ate Akesh.

    Those are lovely baskets Mommy. Pinabongga ha dili jud eggs kay baskets full of goodies jud!

  5. That's a great idea sis, parang treasure hunting!

  6. Dugay na jd ko wala ka suroy sa blogland bayot, akesha is growing so lovely. Lil lady na jd imung kulot tsang no. Good to know that you guys had great easter. kami didto ra mi park there were group of people organizing a egg hunt but tungod sa kadaghan sa bata, didto nlng gaduwa sa playground ang mga dragones.

  7. Haha, that is a fun activity Dhemz kay ang egg hunting murag pang-bata man kaayo. For the little lady Akesh, perfect kung basket na jud ipa-hunt with clues on how to find them. I bet you three had a wonderful time! Akesha is growing so beautifully every time I see her in pics! :)

    BPC hop!


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