Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Office of the City Attorney

Who needs a lawyer? Nay, daughter just took a quick pose right after we came out from the city clerk office. We were at the city hall last Friday for my blue passport. I wasn't going to apply yet, but I have to because we will be out of the country in two months.


  1. I love the lil' fashionista and her get up and pose!

    PS. Love the new look of your blog, very clean and refreshing!

  2. pretty get up texas kid. love those boots.

    enjoy your upcoming vacation, dias fam :)

  3. Ganda ng model ng Attorney hehehe. Wow sis US passport ka na talaga hehehe..

  4. Good to see you again pretty girl .. Good luck s US passport, sis :)

  5. You are such a pretty little lady Ate Akesh! Kisses from Baby Bella and Tita Rovie ;)

  6. Happy Easter to you guys, enjoy coloring eggs hehehe.


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