Saturday, March 16, 2013

Citizenship Oath Ceremony

It took me years to decide to apply for naturalization. It was late last year when I started my application. Passed my immigration interview last January and had my citizenship oath ceremony yesterday. Renouncing my Filipino citizenship is a little bittersweet.
With 350 candidates from 153 countries joined yesterday in its variety of ethnic groups that live and make this a country of multicultural diversity.
I am proud to say my new identity: I am a Filipino - American.  I may have American citizenship but my heart and soul are pure Filipino.


kimmy said...

wow! congratulations, girl!

Jonalyn Quita said...

Congratulations Dhemz! You truly are one :)

our family


Rcel said...

Congrats Dhemz, big time! Amerkana na kaayo ka oi! Ang pagka-Filipino ang nangita ra sa beefloaf, corned beef, bulad ug pandesal! Nyahaha.

I'm sure that was a very memorable event. Lahi diay ang schedule sa interview of oath? Diri kay since layo ang venue, ginaisa nalang ang interview ug oath basta makapasa lang. Kami hopefully in 5 years maka-apply pud. For now, happy ra pa mi nga approved na among green cared ni bana. :) Blessing!

BPC hop! I love your outfit diay! Fave color naku! :)

Rcel said...

Pasensya sa typo. Saon kaadlawon man mang-hop gud. LOL.

Bless said...

Congrats Mommy Dhemz for your naturalization! Amerikana na jud :-) It sure is a blessing :-) I am still thinking when to submit my application for citizenship sab :-)

Adin B said...

Mommy Congratulations!!!! Ako I still haven't decide when to apply. Wala pa pod ko ga study and still scared whether or not ka pasar ba ko, but I think the sooner the better na mo apply ko. You are looking good as well.

riz2 said...

congratulations girl. you will surely contribute a lot as a citizen to your adoptive country.

i remember the same sentiment when my brother took his aussie, renouncing his fil-citizenship. (ako yata ang naiyak). however, he had said time and again, he'llsurely would want to retire here in our place.
(teary-eyed writing this...i'm missing my bunso brother^_^)

hugs to you always. and akesh too.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Congratulations sis, you did it with flying colors. Let's cheer to that. Love the outfit you're wearing!

emzkie said...

yay! way to go mommy Dhemz! congrats!
ako ani ga hinuktok pa. haha.. ambot kung magpa citizen ba ko.. ga libog ang akong utok. lol. basig mu apply ko puhon. sus ga mahal ra bya ang fees no?

BPC hop diay ko