Thursday, December 13, 2012

White Elephant

I wrapped hubby's Christmas white elephant gift last night. I'm not going to tell what's inside because I don't want to spoil the! They're actually having a Christmas white elephant party tomorrow at his work. 
Photo: Wrapped hubby's Xmas white elephant gift.
How are you family with the white elephant game? The "white elephant" game is a popular way to exchange gifts at holiday parties. To play the game, each person must bring a gift and put it into a collection of presents. Participants take turns picking a gift from the pile and deciding if they want to keep it or swap it for a gift someone else has already picked and unwrapped.


  1. Oh, so that's what it's called! thanks sa info, Dhemz! been doing that pero wala ko kabalo unsay tawag. haha! Here for bpc!

  2. Balot pa lang beautiful na, what more pa kaya ang laman niyan.

  3. You did a wonderful job wrapping that gift Momi Dhemz :-) am sure ithe inside gift is beautiful or useful too :-) Thank you for sharing this to BPC

  4. oh! so, that's what white elephant means...

  5. We do this with my circle of friends this is fun:)

  6. I wonder why it's called white elephant? Ahihi nagusisa pa eh, J will miss their company party as he will be attending EJ's Christmas play tomorrow weee.. Love the ribbon you made sis!

  7. oh we played that game last year and it was super fun! too bad for the first person to pick the gift coz she cant swap it. and i happened to be the first one to pick a gift. bummer! lol!


  8. Yay! That is wrapped so beautifully, Dhemz! Unsay sulod ba? Do tell do tell! :D

    We had a lot of fun with the white elephant gift exchange yesterday sa among party at a friend's house. As in hastang biboha lagi kay naay mga siaw nga dili ihatag ang ilang present basta ilogon na. LOL. Dagku kaayo mi mga mouth gud pangatawa. So fun!

    Ga-wonder jud ko ana, nganong gitawag na ug white elephant. Ngano man daw na Dhemz? LOL.

    BPC hop!


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