Friday, December 21, 2012

Hubby's 46th Birthday!

 We weren't able to celebrate hubby's birthday last Saturday due to his company's annual Christmas party. Instead, we celebrated it the day after.
 Akesha and I bought him a fruit cheesecake. We also took him to Red Lobster for dinner.
It was a very simple but memorable birthday celebration. Way to go hon!


  1. happy birthday sa kanya....merry christmas and a happy new year..

  2. Happy Birthday to Greg. aww ka sweet ra sa mag ina. pwedi mangayo ko ug slice bayot. kalami ana uy. wa mn jd ko kita ug lamiang cake ning among langub uy.

    46 pa d i si goryo bayot. bata pa. maguwang si jose ug 2 years.

    haay kalami jd sa cheesecake. mura ipadaplin ko na ang fruits unahon ug kaon ang cheesecake hehehehe. treat to Red Lobster pa jd yummm

  3. Belated happy 46th birthday to your Hon Momi Dhemz :-) Looks like a very healthy birthday cake to munch :-) Akesha is so cute and pretty as always :-) Thank you too for sharing this to BPC :-) Thank you for the Christmas photo card and news it mwah :-)

  4. Happy Birthday to your honey, mommy Dhemz! I am sure you had lots of fun celebrating! that cake looks yummy by the way! here for bpc...

  5. Belated Happy Birthday to Greg! Sarap naman nung birthday cake! I'm sure it was baked with the sweetest ingredient, love. Katuwa talaga ang creative talent mo, Dhemz! Galing mo!

  6. Belated happy birthday kay Greg, Dhemz! Nisamot ka-gwapo nga na-46 dah! :D Magulang pa diay ko niya, 50 naman ko. LOL.

    Lamia sad anang fruit cheesecake oi, Nisamot ka-hapdos akong kuto-kuto. Waaaa!

    BPC hop sa kaadlawong daku kaayo. LOL


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