Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

Check out what my 6-year old daughter's Christmas wishlist this year. Hahaha! Hubby and I was laughing out loud when she showed her list to us. Oh, boy! I hope Santa will deliver these stuff on!
She misspelled the shimmer one. I'm not exactly sure what that is. I asked her about it, and she said that it's something she saw on a TV commercial.


  1. Hahaha daming wish list. Baka lipstick yung shimmer sis hehehe. Kakatuwa naman si Akesh. Ikuha mo na kasi si Buddy ng kalaro para happy din si Akesh!

  2. Maybe she meant lip gloss. Kayang kaya mo yan mommy.

  3. Momy ang ganda ng kanyang handwriting clear na clear except sa was like she say lip gloss. i am right dba.

  4. I am sure that Santa will grant all her Christmas wish list coz she has been very good this year :-) I like her penmanship Momi Dhemz :-) Kelsey's Christmas wish list are too many and I do not know if Santa can read them :-( Thank you for joining the BPC :-)

  5. hahaha! now that's hard work for santa! i mean, for the mommy and daddy! :P Dhemz, you gotta give it kay all others are toys lang, only the puppy is real! hahaha. great job, Akesh! :D

    BPC hopping!

  6. hahaha so cute! naa dyud Real puppy dog. dili dyud na mailad. lol.
    akong anak mag tanaw ug TV cge lang sulti, i want tnat one mum mum, and that one too, and the other one... and so on.... lol! maypag palungon nin tv ba. kuk! ang mga ads kay puro toys. hahaha

    from BPC!

  7. awww, not bad! good job, little girl! akong anak di pa jud kabalo mo spell oy, dependent kaayo sa ate. hehe. here for bpc, dhemz!

  8. hahahaha! same here! nagkatawa ko dhemz sa iyang wishlist! i'm sure she'll have all of those! and she'll have a merry Christmas jud! by the way, very nice kaayo sya ug handwriting mami! :-) super late 341 bpc hop!

  9. Hahaha mapurdoy jd si Santa ani bayot ky arang taasa sa iyang list hehehehe. real puppy pa jd aguy pulihan na si buddy j/k.

    Calling Santa, please deliver all the gifts to san antonio pronto hehehe

    angay ni ipares si akesh sa akong duha ka dragones nga kada kita ug toys sa TV, i want that i want this hehe


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