Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Pink Run

I just want to congratulate my little brother for completing the 10k run yesterday (Philippine time). I'm proud of him for supporting this cause. 
 He is currently training for the next 42k marathon. Way to go bro!
The slogan "save the boobies" made me cute!


Let's show our support for the fight against breast cancer with APCodes‘ pledge to the American Cancer Society.



Leah H. said...

Congrats sa imong brother, mommy! Mau kay he likes to do it:)

Thank's for joining, bpc!

Chie said...

wow,running for a cause..congrats to him sis!

Rcel said...

Wow! that is so nice, Dhemz! Running for a good cause it really was! Worth our pride! :)

BPC hop!

♥FreakyehS♥ said...

congrats to your lil bro bayot. wow what an accomplishment. bisan kapoy ng buhata no but it feels great after that long run. you get to participate the activity for a good cause plus naka exercise pa ka. then kidhat kidhat dayon ug chicks hehehe

emzkie said...

congrats to your brother sis Dhemz! way to go!

BPC hop!