Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Teaching Your Children to Enjoy the Little Things

Appreciating the little things in life can bring more than happiness; it can also breed contentment, serenity, peace and harmony. However, this concept is something that is learned over time; the earlier it is learned, the better off the person will be. Parents and teachers can begin teaching this appreciation to children no matter how young the child may be. Some may wonder what the little things in life are or may not know how to teach these truths to children. The following are just a few of the potential multitude of ideas on this subject.

What Are the Little Things in Life?

There are numerous things in life that are good but that can be easily missed in the midst of people’s hectic schedules. What these exact things may be can vary among cultures, lifestyles and even families. However, these are a few of the most basic.
Playing tag at the corn maze
* Appreciating friends and family is something that can be easily overlooked since these people seem to be always around. Sadly, friends and family can go unnoticed until something takes them away. Learning to appreciate these people will create a special sense of love and compassion for sisters and brothers, grandparents, godparents and others.
* Nature is something that is around everyone every single day; therefore, it is easy to miss. However, seeing a sunset, smelling the rain or fresh-mown grass and hearing the chirp of birds are things that not everyone can enjoy. The blind or the deaf miss these brilliant opportunities and so learn to value every bit of nature in which they can partake.
* Random acts of kindness by strangers or acquaintances happen all the time. It could be the holding of a door, the unexpected offer of a piece of candy or unexpected help reaching something on a grocery store shelf. Paying attention to these small gestures will increase one’s appreciation for those around him.
* Simple toys and games are so little appreciated in today’s culture of busyness and noise. However, making up games, playing with cars, and playing tag are all cause for a remembrance of what is truly enjoyable.
* Traditional character qualities such as honesty and sincerity are sometimes missed in home and work life. However, truthfulness and a genuine personality remain as desirable as they always have been.
How Can Children Be Taught to Appreciate the Little Things?

* Going outside during the various seasons will teach an appreciation for the patterns in nature and for the variety of colors and textures that can be found outdoors. Going to a park, taking a walk down a wooded path or even spending time in the backyard can all be great ways to accomplish this.
* Making something special for a neighbor or friend shows a child that other people hold great importance in life and should never be forgotten even if the gesture is never returned. The child will learn compassion and thoughtfulness.
* Writing a personal note to a family member or friend not only breeds good etiquette but also reminds the child of the important people who contribute so much to his life. He can write a thank you or a simple greeting. Children who are too young to write or dislike doing so can send a picture that they have colored, which will be just as meaningful.
* Teaching character traits to create a strong and happy child is something that can be done throughout each day. Learning to tell the truth will breed honesty, sharing toys will teach generosity and greeting a neighbor shows great thoughtfulness.

This is just a brief list of some small ways that children can learn to appreciate the little things in life. However, these methods will change in the day-to-day workings of one’s family and are based on personal circumstances. There are hundreds of little yet important things that happen each day; parents and teachers should make the most of all of them by using them as learning opportunities for children.

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Chubskulit Rose said...

Kaya magkasundo mga anak natin hehehe, they do like same things about nature activities.

Chie said...

this is so true sis. teaching kids to appreciate little things make them grow into a better, kind, loving and passionate person

jheylo said...

your princess is so blessed to have a wonderful parents like you mami dhemz. I'm sure you parent her nicely. :0 good teaching and we have to instill our children good values and have them appreciate little things in like just like what you said. lahi raba america sa atong nataw-han :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

Beautiful bond with Daddy and daughter Momi Dhemz:-) Akesh is so pretty, love her outfit :-) My husband works overtime a lot and when he is home have to make sure that he spend outside in our backyard playing with his kid like playing golf, football, climb the tree and ride their ATV and does not cost money :-)

Bless said...

Simple things is indeed important to teach to our kids and let them appreciate it. There are so many things I want them to experience, those that I learn while growing up. But here in the US you have to improvise and make sure they are not endangered or else :-)

Poray said...

it is always a good thing to make kids appreciate the little things in life, especially the free ones lol.. in a world where most people put value on material things it is not so easy to do but we try as parents to teach our kids what is right, with a hope that our kids will appreciate what we do and that they in turn will teach their kids when the time comes..

Anonymous said...

I agree, parents should be the one to be a role model when it comes to how to deal with things, even the simplest things of all. I think i have to teach my kids of doing the same thing too, that they also need to value what they have and how lucky they were.

Gee said...

They're like sponges, they'll absorb everything that they see or directly learn from you.

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

beautiful post bayot. I agree. appreciating small things brings contentment. and if we are contented of what we have no matter how little, we don't feel insecure thus feeling unhappy about life.

Anyway, i love the father and son chasing at the corn maize. Is that akesha in the picture with the flower, gosh kadalaga na jd sa imung kulot tsang. and she is a very good kid. you guys are lucky to have such lovely and great daughter like akesha. she is also lucky to have you guys as parents.

RonSilvoza.com said...

amazing insights on teaching kids to enjoy.

thanks for sharing! :)

Pretty Schulz said...

Very well said Dhemz.. pero isa lang ang wish ko.. sana ma appreciate pod ko sa ako mother dear.. haha

taym sa.. nice kaayo ng mag-ama diha nga misuot anang corn maze ba na no? wa ba mo nangasaag?? hahaha.

Vernz said...

so true dhemz.. Akesh is growing up so well... hope to see a little Akesh in the near future arun daghan ang mga gwapa... hehehe :)

Mel Cole said...

time flies by so quickly and soon Akesha will be a dalagita. now is the time to do many fun running and hopping activities :D which reminds me that we should go to a corn maze soon :D

Shela said...

We have to inculcate our children and appreciate them in every lil way so when it's their time they know how to use it to other people!

emzkie said...

i agree everything u said here sis Dhemz. hubby and i are very busy but we do our best to make time for the kids.

Nancy said...

ka sweet sa father-daughter bonding activity ug sa maisan pa gyud...murag scene from a movie lang, hehe.