Monday, August 13, 2012

7-Day Cruise | Fun Day at Sea

We slept well on our first night aboard the Carnival Cruise. We decided to go to bed early so we won't miss the next day's activities. Accommodation on board was sufficient for our needs, and Carnival Magic is well organize. We had maid service at least twice a day and making sure our cabin always clean and tidy.
We got up early and had a nice breakfast at Lido Marketplace. Man, the whole buffet area is enormous. The  food was beyond my imagination and expectations, it was endless! They have a 24 hour buffet by the way.
Part of our itinerary that day was taking our daughter to Camp Carnival. Camp Carnival is a place for kids where they can enjoy games, finger painting, kids parties, movies and much more. We got her a Build-a-Bear kit for $22.00 and $7.00 for the outfit. Sounds like a rip! But she had fun stuffing her new toy.
After lunch we headed to the deck/pool area to have some fun under the sun. The whole place was packed!
Hubby wanted to try the water slide, and went there a thousand! 
While hubby was on the queue, I was busy watching Akesha enjoying herself with other kids. 
I wasn't pleased that day because it was scorching hot! 
I stayed in the cabana most of the time. I did not even go!
After having a scrumptious dinner, we went to the Showtime Theater to watch a show.

To be continued....:)


Lulu Post said...

oh my superb kaayo ang cruise ninyo mami. i can't wait for the next chapter hehehe

mura busy man ka oi. long time no hear... mwahness!

Jessica said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee crusing with the fam...looks fabulous and what an adventure Momi Dhemz :-) enjoy kaau c Akesh :-) love all the pictures :-) Dropping by from BPC :-)

tx sweetie said...

thanks for leaving your comment in my fairy hobmother entry Mrs.D... hope you will be the next one too... good luck sa atong tanan!

Momgen said...

Kanindot sa cruise oy have fun gyd...Visiting madam from BPC..

Mine is here

Chubskulit Rose said...

Ganda ng model! Bakit di ka nagswimming?

lanie said...

happy family... sarap mag swimming!
just dropping by.
Wifey Online Diary

Unknown said...

sun + a pair of swimwear = swimming. weeeee, sayang ang seksiness :)

sarap ng life nio :) galing ng luxury my dreams na lang :)

PL said...

super packed jud ang pool... hehehe... pinay jud ka kaayo mami kay wa jud ka naligo... sayang kita unta mi nag two piece ka.. hehehe... 226 bpc visit here.

Unknown said...

haguy oi! why man wa ka mi-apil ug swim oi.. kasayang sa opportunity nga mga ka swin while sailing hahaha... grabeha ba, naay sldies ang barko.. haha

nu-sa kaya ko maka experience ug ingon ana waaaa

Emzkie said...

aguy! daghan dyud tawo, murag lisod kaau i swimming sa ilaha pool kay basig masipaan ka sa ga langoy. hehehe. cge lang basta enjoy ang kido. enjoy kaau si akesha sa slide. unta maka experience pud mi ani, pero as i see it, murag in my dreams nalang kay dili ganahan si bana ug daghan tawo. mahadlok sya nga naay makakita nya. hahaha.. from BPC 226