Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heirloom Jewelry

Haven't you noticed that diamond and sapphire engagement rings have become all the rage these days? I think it has to do with Kate Middleton's famous engagement ring. If she has a sapphire and diamond ring from Prince William, well I got an emerald and diamond jewelry set (earrings & ring) from my!
It's made of 1.46 ct Emerald and14k yellow gold surrounded by a cluster of 14 diamonds. 
My mom has this set for over 15 years now. She finally hand it to me when I had my recent vacation to the Philippines last May-June. Thanks a lot mom! I will always take good care of your jewels. I might need to pawn them someday...nyahahhaa...joke!


  1. very pretty! kuyog ko inig prenda sa cebuana

  2. yay! how fortunate you are :D love na love gyud ka ni mader dear nimo ay and besides wla man pod kay kaagaw kay kaw ra female sa mg suon hehehhe.

    thanks for sharing your precious gems and joining 366 BPC

  3. tiyak hindi mo iya prenda sa pawnshop.....

  4. wow!! envy mode!!! kay akong mama wala juy gihatag sa ako... toinks.. hehehe... like mamilu, kuyog pud ko inig prenda nimo! hahahaha! nice set though! visiting mami Dhemz for BPC.

  5. wow beautiful jewelry, drop by lang po! :-) Wifey Online Diary

  6. Lovely heirloom! Are you the only daughter Dhemz? Ganda ng taste ng iyong mother dear! I'm sure you'll take care of that valuable jewelry for Akesh in the future.

    You are getting more and more beautiful as days pass by. Love that photo on the sidebar! Beautiful and sexy indeed!

    Hope you're having a great weekend Dhemz!

  7. Very nice jewelry. My birthstone is emerald :-) You are lucky to have such a priceless gift from your Mom.

    Visiting for BPC!

  8. wow ur so lucky mommy Dhemz! akong ugangan kay wa dyuy ma handdown oi. mga hoarders man nuon, pati toys na daan gani kay dili ihatag kay iyaha lagi daw to kuno, tapos hilak gud si clayton kay its mine lagi kuno. hehehehe.. ilang balay gud kay puno up to the ceiling, hayz.. lami kaau sultian sila na mag yard sale para maka kwarta pud sila, ana akong bana 'dont ever try to say that to them if u dont want a slap on your face' hahahaha.. exag pud akong bana. hahaha. pero nice kaau imong jewelries oi. =)

    from BPC #193

  9. Preciousness jud kaayo na Dhemz kay imagine, pila na ka tuig! You are lucky nga wala kay igsuon babae nga ka-compete nimo! Manguban lang mi inig adto nimo sa pawnshop someday, puslan man wala kay igsuon babae. Nyahaha! Precious vacation that was, too, kay daghan kaayo gipadala si Mommy sa iyang nag-inusarang baby. Maygani wala si Akesh nakauban. Naa pa to, echapwera jud ka. Hahaha!

    BPC hop!


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