Thursday, July 5, 2012

Abaca Bag

One of my closest friends's mom in college is so thoughtful and very accommodating. When I went to the Philippines last month, I visited her and surprisingly she gave me a gorgeous abaca bag. I was elated when she hand it to me. Thanks AnteGaring! I super love the bag.
The Philippines is the leading grower of abaca. Today, abaca is produced commercially in only three countries: Philippines, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.


  1. waaaa... ambot if na receive ba tong comment nako Dhemz... nag error man gud...

    anyway, ingon ra man ko nga nice kaayo ang bag nga hinatag sa imo ante garing... hehe

  2. pretty and for sure durable yan .. visiting here

  3. Very stylish sis! Musta 4th of July nyo?

  4. pretty bag.. i love handbags/purses big time and i know a pretty bag when i see one...


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