Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Back!

It's good to be home! Seeing my husband and daughter at the airport was a relief. I miss them so bad.
Thanks hon and Akesh for the flowers

I got back yesterday night from a 3-week vacation to the Philippines. Now I need a lot of rest! Thanks for dropping by....:)


  1. Welcome back, Dhemz! Wow! 3 weeks seemed to have just gone by! Paspas kaayo ang panahon. I bet you enjoyed every moment back home. But I'm sure it is the most relief to be home where the hubs and Akesh are waiting... Gorgeous flowers! I can tell your housemates missed you so much jud ba! Aguy, time to deal with vacation aftereffect! :D

    P.S. Atong Odong diha? LOL.

  2. It must have felt good to be back home. Mingaw man sad ko dili ta kauli but Home is where the heart is... Now take a beauty rest...enjoy.

  3. ang bilis ng 3 weeks.....parang kailan lang..

  4. Came here to visit, Dhemz.
    Nice to know that you're at home again. Take a nice rest :)

  5. Sweet talaga ng magama mo sis! Take a lot of rest, missya!

  6. wow! namissed ko tuloy sa amin;)

  7. Gikan diay ka mibakasyon sis? Maykay misugot si Akesha ibilin nimo?

    Visiting after a long time off. Nice to back in blogging.


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