Thursday, May 24, 2012

14 years Ago

It's funny how time can go by so slowly yet things can change so quickly. Take for example this picture of me and my baby cousin Lawrence. He was less than a year old when this photo was taken.

14 years ago...and look how tall he is now....unbelievable!

Photo was taken recently during my vacation to the Philippines.

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  1. awww! look how sweet and innocent you are Momi Dhemz on the 1st pix :-) your cousin is tall :-) beautiful view too, asa ni dapit? Dropping by from BPC.

  2. buti may picture ka pa sa kanya.....madali nga lang lumipas ang panahon.....

  3. Dako na jud mommy Dhemz oi perti pang kataas kay sa imoha.. bata pa pod kaayo ka sa photo. Those were the days to look back. :)

  4. nakakatuwa naman ang old memories... sarap talagang balikan ang nakaraan..
    visiting you, hope you could visit me too, thanks..
    Wifey Online Diary

  5. At mas matangkad pa kay Tita hehehe. Nice pics sis. Just a quick visit, we'll be at my BIL for memorial party. Mwah, salamat pala sa goodies. Luvya! Enjoy your memorial weekend!

  6. Indeed, time flies by so quick jud! And it sucks Dhemz kay atong mga gipangkugos pa sauna, karon mga tangkad pa sa atoa. In other words, hapit na ta ma-Lola! Nyhaahaha.

    More Pinas pics, pls! :))

    BPC hop!

    And one more thing, apil na balik TT ha? ;-)

  7. na labwan ka mommy Dhemz. hehe..
    thanks for joining BPC!

  8. time flies really innocent looking ka dun sa first picture :)

  9. so young and sweet pa ka sa first photo mami Dhemz... and things have really changed... samot man ka pretty sa second pic. yeah, mas taas pa sya sa imo jud! ana pud akong mga cousins! taas pa sa ako. hopping very late for BPC here.


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