Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wildseed Farms

How are you guys all doing? I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Our weekend was fine. We didn't go anywhere last Saturday because of "the not so good weather", we stayed at home instead and worked on our model railroad scenery. And it's doing pretty good!

Anyhow, last Sunday we decided to drive to Texas hill country to visit the beautiful place of Wildseed Farms. It's almost 2 hours away from were we live. The place is gorgeous! I love the atmosphere, and of course the spring FLOWERS!

Wildseed Farms have 200 acres of wildflowers in various stages. 
They have bluebonnets, red corn poppies, phlox, and other  gorgeous array of other spring flowers. I just love spring!

How about you? How's your weekend?


  1. Glad you shared your trip to Hill Country. I have not been this year, but it is always very pretty. However, the bluebonnets are really pretty around here now. I love that photo of your and the sweet little one.

  2. You both look gorgeous! Saya naman ng getaway nyo.

  3. Those flowers are plain lovely. And your daughter is so pretty. Just like her mom. :)

  4. Ka sexy ba sa mga model:) Like both your outfit mommy:)

    Visiting for Mellow Yellow Monday- hope you can stop by:)


  5. I love those Texas blues!

    Happy Blue Monday, Dhemz.

  6. A nice post!
    Have a great MYM!

  7. I have always wanted to go there.
    I live in Texas but way out in WEST TEXAS...pretty far from the pretty Hill country.

  8. You are both beautiful! Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  9. Visiting again for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by:)


  10. Wow, ang seksi naman .. pretty din ni akesha visiting here via Blue monday. Here is
    My entry

  11. Beautiful trip, Beautiful pics. BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. That sounds like a lovely place!

  13. pagka pretty baya sa duha..ang maniniyot kay si banana diay ron hehehe.

  14. Lovely outfit and smile Akesha. We miss you!

  15. what a lovely weekend you have mars, i so love to visit a beautiful farm with lots of flowers too but haven't got the chance to see a real one. i wish to visit a sunflower field someday, that's my ultimate dream , :)

    thanks for sharing and hoping to see you on next green monday meme

  16. ka wow legs ug kasexy sa mga cowgirls :-) love the outfits Momi Dhemz ug ang mga kabulakan :-) Dropping by from last week's GM



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