Friday, January 6, 2012

Our 2012 Celebration

I made pancit and adobo a little preparation during New Year's eve. Hubby thought it was a lot. Oh, boy! Until now he still don't get the Filipino tradition no matter what I say. Cooking for 2 dishes during the holidays is not a lot in the!
I always get homesick every Christmas and New Year. I just miss how we celebrate holidays over there.
This is how our neighborhood looks like every New Year. Pretty cool right?! They spend hundreds or thousand of dollars for fireworks.
Since we don't have hundreds or thousands of dollars, we just enjoyed ourselves watching fireworks from our!


  1. you still prepare the Pinoy way.. fruits, at least two dishes, dessert, haha.. I cooked only one dish last New Year and only ordered home made for our dessert..:) It's just the three of us so I'm too lazy to prepare.

  2. Happy 2012 to you and your family dear!

  3. Same here. No hundreds and thousands to buy fireworks so we just watched the neighbor's and took videos and photos. But hey, if I ever have hundreds and thousands, I don't think I will be spending it on fireworks. Haha. I better invest on something valuable, right?

  4. No fireworks here either! Just enjoyed watching neighbors' from afar! Safe na libre pa! O di ba?

    Nice New Year family photo! Gandah nyo!

    Have great start of 2012!

  5. Happy new year sis, just back to blogging .. Anyway, same sa amin we just enjoyed fireworks from our neighborhood =)

  6. Hahaha ako nga sis spaghetti lang for long life, a veggie tray, and fruits, yan lang lol! Love the pinya!

  7. Happy new year :)

  8. Lahi ra jud ang Pasko sa Pinas. I hope someday maka celebrate ra jud mo sa imong family ug Pasko diri Mrs. D.

    Happy 2012... God bless you and your family...

  9. hahaha don't have a hundreds or thousands hehehe millions ra tsang jok lng. firework is more on older kids ra mns d bayot, enjoy nlng jd sa silingan, kami ky wa mn kaayo diri, tua ra sa layong silingan di maklaro. mao nakatulog pag new year ky wala mn alingogngog.

    a lot na jd 2 lng gani na ka putahi ha hehe . sa atua tua pay biko, puto, lechon sus ako sd mingaw ko pero dili naman sd nku ni ma enjoy ang filipino way sa amoa bayot ky ga katag katag mn mi, i miss the old times nlng.

  10. It's still the best celebration Dhemz coz you were with Akesh and the hubs.

    Awesome fireworks. Grabeh bitaw gasto nial ana sa fireworks ba. Sa OZ gani kay around $600M. Bongga jud!

  11. Yes, your hubby will not understand why we cook much during holidays. We love to cook and to eat much, hehehe. That's why many Pinoys are overweight, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  12. Sometimes the days spent being a kid looks good and sometimes the days after getting married. Whatever it is as long as we are happy nothing matters more. Its natural for anyone to feel nostalgic but its also good to see that you are content and doing good with the little you have now. Have a wonderful year ahead and Wish you a happy new year 2012. Hope this year makes all your wishes come true.

  13. Can't blame you for feeling that way every Christmas and New Years eve. It's really different when you celebrate the holidays with your whole fam. Hope you get a chance to be with them in the future holidays :)

    Thanks for the visit over at my blog. ((hugs))

    Our Family

  14. happy new year 2012! Hopefully next year will be better than this year:). great blog comes with great post..and you have both :)

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  15. Me, too Dhemz I miss how we spend our christmas and new year in the Philippines. How I wish that I can be there so soon during this holidays but malabo pas kagabhion tungod sa klas sa akong work.

    Have a nice day Dhemz and Happy New Year too. Sorry for not visiting you more often these days. My work keeps me very busy and exhausted.

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