Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Sweet Little Helper

I firmly believe that teaching kids early responsibility and involving them in household tasks can have a positive impact later in life.
My little girl always love to help. I hope she stays that way. Caring, thoughtful, sweet and helpful!


  1. she is just so cute...:)

    gwapa ra jud kag liwat te dhemz sa.. hehe..:)

    merry xmas te..:))

    Godbless u and your family ...:)

  2. It is so important for kids to learn that responsibility! I hope that your little one stays that way, too.

  3. You can say that again sis! Tsaka whatever they see you doing, they would follow too. Good job Akesh!

  4. Galing! good job Akesha. I salute you for teaching your girl the meaning of responsibility at an early age. Yan ang Pinay, marunong sa buhay. :)

    Dropping by to greet you a very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Mwahness..

  5. good job akesh! :) naa na pud koi ectrecard yotch :)

  6. Im pretty sure she will stay that way bayot, you guys are raising her so well. kudos to you both.

    ako bitbiton akong isa ka basket ipa apil nku ni akesh ug laba hahaha. jok lng. ka nice sa inyong laundry room uy.

    way to go akesha. you are such a good girl and a happy helper

  7. Dako na imong little girl. Happy new year dhemz.

  8. Good job for the mommy! Akesh is learning to o fast! Congrats Dhemz!

    At si Akesh, pretty na, masipag pa! I'm sure she'll grow up a good loving daughter!

  9. aw kakugihan sa little helper...good job Akesh!


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