Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas School Program

How is everybody doing? I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Ours was a pretty busy one. Last Saturday we attended USAA's Childrens Christmas Party. The party was fantastic! It was pretty cool because Akesha and I were able to get in the office where hubby works. Getting inside the USAA building is awesome. It's like a mall! Also, Akesha was able to sit on Santa's lap and had a blast playing games.
Akesha's school had a Christmas Program last Thursday evening. 
It was her first time to perform on stage with her kindergarten classmates. It's super cute looking at them singing and dancing.
She probably looking for us in this! 
Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday


  1. I love their outfit, ours is on Thursday, want to come?

  2. sure it was fun! pretty outfit, blue na blue :)

  3. she was looking for mom's camera!:p
    wonderful shots.

  4. Cute skirt :)

  5. I have always loved that shade of blue.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dhemz.

  6. They are so cute in blue :)

    Thanks for the visit!

  7. Very cute girly attire. Akesha's beauty can't be overlooked!

  8. at tiyak masusundan pa sa mga susunod na panahon ang pag perform ni Akesha sa stage......nabasa ko at nag reply din ako.....may tanong lang.....

  9. Great Akesha!!! Sure Momma was so proud of you :-)

  10. sus tsang mo congrats ko nimu, you have a great daughter gyud tsang, walang kyemi tapos very attentive and cooperative pa, maayo pagka disiplina.

    look at her, she is enjoying the activity, walay stage fright hehe. gi unsa mana nimu pag disiplina tsang, naunsa maning akoa nga buntag sayo, mo sulong naman sa akong kwarto ug mag minaldita. naliwat siguro ni sa inahan maldita sd hahaha.

    great job akesh, im sure mama and papa are so proud of you sweetie.

  11. your daughter is your mini cute!

  12. Pretty outfit, and great activity, she would to sing.

  13. Akesha has really grown big already and she's getting prettier and more talented too. Great that you watched their Christmas presentation at their school. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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