Saturday, November 19, 2011

When Lightning Strikes...

...always unplug everything! According to the AT&T tech guy, surge protectors are not designed to stop a direct lightning strike and always unplug any equipment in the house.
Geez, it has been back-breaking, agonizing 3 stinking days without internet connection and no TV. Well, what can I say about Texas unpredictable weather. We had a nasty weather the other day, a lightning strike has caused power outages around our neighborhood. Our circuit breaker got damaged and our internet/cable line got affected as well.

We had 3 different technicians came by yesterday and today to fix the circuit breaker and internet/cable connection. Now, I'm back to normal! Yay, I can blog now!!

I'm really looking forward to visit you back! Thanks for dropping by everyone!


  1. Power outages sometimes are really annoying and help up your important work. And what you plan for the day might not go well because of these disasters.

  2. hope everything's okay now. i know the feeling when connection is down...:)

  3. nyay.... maayo gani no wala kusug ulan... katawa ko sa cartoons..ahahah.. labay ko :)

  4. hahaha thanks for the advice AT&T maybe you can advice the lightning to give noticed before striking waaaaa. just kidding bayot.

    na mayao to tsang naka rest ka from blogging, mura daghan ka nahuman ato nga days da. im sure hurot labhonon ug labada hehe. btw, asa mo mag thanksgiving next week bayot? adto mo imu BIl nga datu?

    good to hear that everything back to normal busy life . adgi ko tsang

  5. good to hear that dhemz, followed you too.:)

  6. Nice to know that everything is back to normal. I should be more careful, too...

  7. It's good to hear you're back sis. Pastilan, how boring it sure was without TV and internet. True jud, when lightning strikes automatic unplug jud specially ang tv og internet kay moconnect unya sa lightning.

  8. mahirap nga iyan na nasanay ka na lagi sa pag internet tapos bigla mawalan ng connection.....pati pa tv......mabuti at ayos na ngayon..

  9. Wow, what damage that lightning caused. You were without internet and cable for three days. Good that the technicians that went to your place to fix them did a successful job. Now you can blog again. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  10. Agonizing and stinking lol, experienced that last year for a week and it really is literally agonizing without internet hahaha. Glad they fixed it already. Thanks for the the comments sis.


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