Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trick or Treat

How's everybody's weekend so far? We had a busy Saturday as always. We went to our daughter's soccer game in the afternoon and did our grocery shopping afterwards. Akesha's soccer team won again. The score was 9-4! We are looking forward to watch their last game next Saturday.
Anyhow, I almost forgot to share some of Akesha's trick or treating adventure last Halloween.
After I picked her up from school, she immediately went upstairs and change her uniform. She's so antsy that day and can't wait to wear her cowgirl costume.

 Hubby didn't arrive until 5:45pm. So I decided to take my little cowgirl outside to do some photo!
Akesha had a blast trick or treating this year. Plus, she enjoyed handing out candies to the kids outside. 
She got her bucket loaded of candy that night. She did not eat them all in one! Glad she obey my general halloween candy rule "One candy a day!" signed by:!


  1. Bwahahahahahah...signed by mamagement man jud..nus-a tawon na mahurot ug kaon ang candies and chocolates diha...not unless kung ang mamagement maoy mag una-una ug break sa rules hahaha.

    love jud nako outfit ni kulot dah hehehe.

  2. atak ako comment nawala hehehe. angayan si akesh sa iya cowgirl uy legs mn kaayo nga cowgirl hehe

    na mura mo resigned management ning akoa tsang di patuo, cge ka tunulan ug candy paabli, ila gi hurot ilang candy within three or 4 days, hurot na ila candy nya niabot ako manghud ga bitbit usa ka plastic waaa. ako taguan. lili ko kadali tsang mag human sko ni payu

  3. Ganda ng cowgirl .. Wow, at dami candies and chocolates.

  4. She is so cute with her kabog ito!signed by: MaMagement! pak!

    Congrats Akesha to your game! and to you...proud mama!

  5. Pweding pwede ng model si Akesh sis! I really like her cowgirl outfit!

  6. Guapaha sa anak ni Dhemz oy liwat man sa inahan oy...Visit ko gikan blue mOnday...

    Mine is here

  7. you got gwapa daughter and it's really nice to know that she actually obeyed the mamanagement rules :) nice photos! my mellow yellow is here.

  8. what a pretty cowgirl--love her getup! only one candy a day? that is so mean!:p

  9. Such a super pretty-model cowgirl! gwapa kaayo ka Akesh!

    Agi ko Mrs. D for Blue Monday...

  10. Thanks for sharing this tiny bit of blue.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  11. Very cute cow girl!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful shots;o)

    Have a nice and happy week****

  12. Oh di ba bonga ang model mo dyan Dhemz! Ganda ni Akesha! ^_^


  13. What a doll! ~ great photos ~ thanks, namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w MYM

  14. such a cute cowgirl, dropping for MYM, I hope you could visit mine at and leave some love...

  15. Congrats to Akesha's Team!

    I love her Cowgirl costumer. First time ko experience halloween here in Ca, and I did enjoy it.

    Here's my MYM entries:

  16. bumping again:)

    i suddenly remember jessie, the cowgirl in toy story. akesha fits to a t, braided hair, check polo, a leather vest...yeehaw! thumbs up!

  17. Cowgirls ROCK! No wonder she scored so well with the treats!! Loving your management style!!!

  18. A charming cowgirl :)

    Very obedient candy a day rule...tsk tsk, di umbra sa kids ko yun.

    I'm in OT
    our family

  19. She's gorgeous, I like her costume very cool.

    Mine is up here

  20. She makes a great cowgirl, especially with those braids.

  21. Akesha is so beautiful. She's blooming like a rose in Texas. And she's also very talented and sports minded. She got a lot of candies she earned through trick or treat. But with your rule of eating one candy a day, it may take several months for her to consume all her candies, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  22. She makes the perfect model and looks like she is enjoying having you take her picture. And all of that candy...toooo much sugar for me. Love the colorful photos. Know she had a good time. genie

  23. wow.. kadaghan sa chocolates oi.. ngayu ko beh.. hehehe

    Another Moonwalk Practice

  24. thanks for joining sis!
    daming candy ah..


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