Friday, November 25, 2011

To a Dearest Friend, Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to one of the most free-spirited, amazing people I’ve ever met online, cheers to you mamiKat! Today she is one year older than she was yesterday, but age is completely and totally irrelevant when it comes to mamiKat....just visit her blogs and you'll find out!
I want you to know, that I am happy for you. I wish you nothing but the best! Enjoy your day! Have a romantic birthday....mwah!


  1. happy birthday kay mamiKat.... We have only one birthday, all the rest anniversary....................

  2. happy birthday mamiKat... enjoy and have a lot of fun! mwahness!

  3. nyahahaha...ka nice ba oi..romantic birthday man jud....ang celebration kay bar man japon pero dis time kay romantic jud Dhemz, kay nagpa reserve diay sya ug table sa hotel with matching candle lights..unya sa roof top pa jud sa hotel (of course, glass wall kay tugnaw lol) in kita ang buong view ng Västerås City. Sayang kaayo kay wa ko kadala ug camera kay wa man sad sya nag ingon gud nga adto diay mi sa pinakataas nga buidling mag dinner/drink..waaa.. pero ingon man sya mubalik daw mi didto..hehe

    Thanks kaayo sa post hahaha. ka sweet...

  4. Happy Birthday to Kat. May she have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. God bless you all always.

  5. Happy birthday to MommyKat..she is a baby at heart...and she definitely doesn't look like her age.

  6. yayks.... ako way post sa Birthday ni MOmmy Kat.. heheh. basta Kat Happy Birthday jud.... kabalo ko lipay ka diha heheheeh :)

    na nabuang na imuha man diya ning blog dhemz.. ahahaha :)

  7. Cute naman ng photo ni mommy kat .. Belated happy bday ulit ;)

  8. belated happy birthday tsang Kat. more bl;essing and happy lovelife sd.

    karon pko ka adgi bayot. kapoy pa gihapon mag blog, ako lng pugos ug update tong main pang adgi.


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