Saturday, November 12, 2011

Play-Doh | Veterans Day

Before anything else, I would like to say Happy Veteran's Day to all who served our country and still serving all around the world. A special mention to my FIL and to my wonderful husband who served 12 years in the Navy and 8 years in the Air Force.
Anyway....One day, Akesha asked hubby to play with play-dough. Here's the funny story.

Hubby:  "Hey, chikadi! What are you doing?"
Akesha: "I'm playing with my play dough. I'm going to make cupcakes, cake, and cookies. Can you play with me?"
 Hubby: "So how do you make that?"
Akesha: "It's like this!"
 Hubby: "Ahhhhh, ok!"
Akesha: " You can make yours now Papa!"
Hubby: "So, how do you make it again?"
Akesha: "It's like this oh! Papa, you know how to do it!"
Akesha: " Like press it like that."
After a few minutes.....
Akesha: "Wow, you did it Papa! Good job!"
Hubby: "Why is Mama not playing with you?"
Akesha: "She said she don't want to play. I think just want to take pictures". 
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! How!
The End!


  1. bwahahahaha

    good story akesh! sige isumbong dayon ang nanay nga dili makig play!

  2. wwaaaa.. natawa ako talaga, haha.. no, it's not embarassing. she only says what she sees.. kidding, hihi..
    Happy Veterans Day to your husband and FIL!

  3. nyahahahahaha... korek ka Akesh kay imo inahan paparazzi na hahaha.. ka cute sa mag-ama..hehe

  4. Love that last shot. Si hubs din mas madaming playtime with kids than me hahaha, photographer ang mga nanay.

  5. They're so cute together. What a smart kid.......mama just want to take a picture...

  6. hahahah ... photographer si mama maong busy. Kay papa nalang para si mama nakapuesto sa atubangan... musta diha sis.

  7. hehe ang cute ng bonding ng mag ama .. maku binuking ka hehe

  8. It's a great bonding moment for Akesha and your hubby. It's just funny that Akesha was teaching your hubby how to do play doh, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. kanice sa father and daughter bonding. hahaha di lang ka kwentahon sis kay tig-picture man ka hahaha


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