Friday, November 4, 2011

Bunk Beds

With so many of us economizing these days and moving into smaller places, it seems to me that now is a time when more people than ever will buy bunk bed models of all sorts. That is why I've been taking a look at some of them online. I particularly like this one below as its got a very nice simplicity to it. Also, the bear is a very sweet touch.
This one is a little bit fancier, with a lot of very heavy, dark wood. A solid product that anyone would be proud to have in their children's room. It's almost the kind of thing you would expect to find in George Washington's house, if he had a bunch of children. (He didn't have any, actually.)
Of course, not everyone likes their products so classical. Some of us would like to buy bunk bed furniture that's lightweight, efficient, ultra modern and also fairly masculine. Here's an example.
Of course, half the kids out there are not masculine at all. For them something really girlish is just the way to go. And, look, another stuffed animal!
Yes, if you buy bunk bed stuff, you're also apparently likely to buy stuffed animals and, in this case, a soccer ball as well.


  1. wow datu na ang tagbalay daghan bunkbeds

  2. kanang 1st photo Dhemz, ing-ana jud ang hitsura sa ako bunkbed sa maynila..nya diha matulog ako mama ug papa...kay di man muangay si jason sa sa salug sya, dayon ako mama ug papa sa bunkbed hahahah

  3. kaygandang higaan.....matagal na rin hindi ako nakakahiga ng double deck....hehe..

  4. Dhemz, waaahh.. kanindot.. kamahal gihapon hehehe :) labay ko..

  5. Yes, bunk beds are very suitable for houses with rooms of very limited spaces. They are indeed space savers. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. That's an intrusting and great ..we are offering about it bunk beds for girls.I read and really impressed from your posting .I like and saved .Thanks for posting.....


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