Friday, October 28, 2011

Yearbook Picture + Report Card

Daughter got her yearbook picture yesterday. I'm glad it turned out good because she was sick when this picture was taken.
Anyhow, I had a meeting with my daughter's teacher last week. They called it "Parent Teacher Conference". Hubby wasn't able to go with me because the schedule was at midday.
I had a 15 minute discussion with the teacher regarding Akesha's progress. Akesha's teacher also told me that she's one of the top students in the class. Overall, she is doing great at school.  I'm very pleased with the results! Congrats anak and keep it up!


  1. My sakit ba sya dito still pretty ... Anyway, tomorrow naman sched ko for PTC yon rin ang tawag sa school ni Kyla. Pero sa amin 10 mins lang time bawat parents. Anyway, sana maganda sabihin teacher ni Kyla =) Excited for the report card also.
    congrays akesh galing naman.

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  3. Wow, you are a proud mom sis! Ka nice ni Akesh. She's still pretty sa picture though she felt sick at that time. Congrats Akesh and keep it up! Your parents are definitely proud of you, bisag ako

  4. Congrats to the mother of course. all your hardwork in teaching akesh has starts paying off. so thankful gyud ang teacher ni akesh sa inahan tsang ky sila baya ang foundation gyud, ang sa teacher is more on follow up nlng gyud. way to go akesha, keep it up sweetie.

    ka gwapa sa mixed uy. mura si goryo mura sd si ikaw tsang perti pagka hulma ga yud hehehe, ni lili ko diri samtang naglabadami

  5. ang mata bitaw ni Akesh kay murag ug katulogon..naa diay gibati..anyway, sus ang imo kahago Dhemz sa pag tudlo kay Akesh, nagbunga na...ka nice oi..proud mama, ako pod proud virtual ang smile bitaw diay ni Akesh kay mix sa inyong duha ni Goryo hehehe.

    Go, go go Akesha...

  6. She looks pretty and photogenic even when sick. Napadaan ako sis. I hope you accept awards. Happy weekend! xoxo

  7. She look so much like you.. congrats and keep it up little Miss!

  8. Super gwafa man ni Akesha sa picture sistah.. lami lagi ang combo nyo ni Goryo.. so dugang pa kamo.. needs to spread the beautiful genes..

    Sorry wa pa me ka reply sa imong email kay sge balik2x sa doctor si lola, but Im getting ok now.

    Ayu2x diha gwafa ko na sistah.. mwahness..

  9. one prpoud mama again..
    hehehe..good job akesha!

  10. Wow, Akesha is not only beautiful but she is also very intelligent and very talented as well. I'm sure she will be successful when she grows up. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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