Friday, September 9, 2011

Walt Disney World Resort

One of the most favorite things we do to bond as a family is travelling. Although our family vacations are not as often as we would want, we make sure that when we do have a family vacation, we try to make it as memorable as possible. We want our daughter to have wonderful memories of the places we have visited as a family. One of our most memorable vacations so far would have to be our visit to the Walt Disney World Resort. We were so excited about it because we have been planning for it for a long time. We knew that we’ll have so much fun. We have even browsed online just to see all the things that we can do there. We wouldn’t want to miss any of the attractions or special events that they have. The whole trip was really worth it. It was like there are so much to do and so many things to see that spending a day or two is not enough. Our daughter was so excited about seeing the all her favorite Disney characters. The colourful parade coupled with the spectacular fireworks display is something that shouldn’t be missed. We had so much fun at Walt Disney World Resort that we can’t wait to have another vacation there soon.

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