Friday, September 9, 2011

Cousins in Town!

How's your weekend guys?! I hope y'all had a great one. I've been pretty occupied lately and I haven't been able to update my blogs, sorry for not returning your visits. I'll visit you back for sure!
Anyhow, we HAD a HAPPY 3-day weekend HOLIDAY! My BIL and his kids came down to SA to spend the HOLIDAY with us. It was great having them. Akesha had a blast spending time with her cousins. They arrived  Friday evening and left this morning (Monday).
Akesha's cousins (Joe and Drew)
Saturday we went to the AF Base to purchase the water park tickets and took the kids with us to see the model planes at the base.
It was very hot that day. So we decided to have lunch at home. Later that day we went to the Riverwalk and took the river cruise. Some photos can be found HERE. We had a lovely dinner at Hard Rock cafe that night.
Sunday was a great day for everyone because we went to one of the popular water parks in SA, the Schilliterbahn. Will share photos later.

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  1. Very busy as bee pala ang beauty mo dyan,Mommy Dhemz!Ang cute ng smiles nila ^_^

  2. ang cute ng magpi-pinsan :) akesh pala is the only girl among her cousins.

  3. Ganda ng place and bonding ng magpipinsan. Twins ba yung magkapatid sis?

  4. Great shots. Looks like Happy Holidays were Had by all!

  5. Yes, holidays are great, but mess up blogging!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Looks like a fun time - filled with H's! :)

  7. I'm so glad you had a lovely holiday. Having family together is the best.

  8. It looks as though you had a lot of fun. Nice shiny planes.

  9. nakasakay ka na niyan.....naka guess ka,hehe..

  10. Great photos of family bonding with Akesha and her cousins. Those airplanes are very huge indeed. Happy Labor Day to all of you. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  11. Akesha for sure had a great day with her cousins. Ang ku-cute nung magka-cousins! Prinsesang tunay ang iyong dalaga! Loves na loves sya nung mga pinsan nya 'no? Katuwa ang kanilang closeness!

    I hope you have rested from that very active weekend. Have a nice day!

  12. Ka japorms sa hot momma uy. Glad to hear that you guys had wonderful holiday with family.

    Nindot ning ma busy ta sa family adventures tsang to escape sa mga angay huna hunaon diba hehehe

    Ka sweet sa mag cousin. si akesha ang youngest sa mag cousins ron, ouro mga laki anak sa imung BIL tsabg, mga gwapohon sd mga bataa. lili ko kadali tsang wala pko ka bloghop waaa.

  13. lili ko kadiyot kay busy man akong life bwahahah busy duwa sa

    nice ka mo ug shirts mami ... hehehehe

  14. ang ganda naman dyan i remember when we went to the aviation museum pero maliit pa si RC nun we have to back.

    nice pictures! cute ng kiddos.

  15. haguy, pagka pogingkoy sa iya mga cousins oi..di na mang lupad nga planes Dhemz kay model plane man kaha nyahahaha.


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