Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Birthday Bash!

How's your weekend everyone? I hope y'all had a wonderful one. Our weekend was fantastic! Last Saturday was my big day. Ayay, 2 more years to go and I'll be 30...weeeeee! We had a simple celebration at home. It was very special because hubby cooked dinner for me on my birthday.
I woke up hearing hubby and Akesha's loud voices singing the "Happy Birthday" song. It was so sweet of them. Thanks Hon and Akesh for everything. You guys really did a great job! I was surprised when hubby got me a globe...weeeeeee...been wanting to buy one for a long time. Looking forward to travel the world someday.
Hubby's new not talking about the! thanks hon for the effort.....:)

I also would like to thank my family, relatives, friends, former co-workers, to my blogger friends who posted something on their blog and to all my blogger friends who greeted me on my blog, email, and in Facebook. Thanks a lot guys! Your thoughts are highly appreciated.

From Pittsburgh. Thanks TsangShy....:)
From West Virginia. Thanks sisRose....:)
From Japan. Thanks mamiClang....:)


  1. ay andaming gifts :) it really shows you are truly love in the blogworld. being very sweet and thoughtful has its price...gaining many many friends.

    loved the eternity:) makapag whiff-whiff nga din, namiss ko na ung scent:)

    hapi bertdey again. more love and blessings, girl.

  2. wow daming gifts! hapi bday again!

  3. waaa, gi post mn, forgot to make a note not to post hehe your welcome bayot, sensya na mao ra nakaya sa bayot, wala nakapamayot ug ayo hehehe jok lng

    Ka sweet jd sa imung mag ama uy, gilutuan pa jd ka awww, nya with flowers and globe, when you travel around the world take me with you bayot bisan taga bitbit lng sa globe aron we will know where will be the next stop heheheh.

    Lili ko kadali, ni hirit rko ky nag update ko sa blog. ma busy ko ugma ky limpyo galore. Thanks sa mga visit and comments

  4. Happy, happy birthday! So great gifts you had. :)

    Hopping from Green Mondays, my post is here:
    Green Mondays | Palm

  5. ooppsss, i came back again....

  6. Wow, daming gifts.

    Belated happy birthday.

  7. wow, kadaghan sa gifts..maolaw man sad ta....ang ako kay secret!!! hehehe.

  8. A beautiful day to start the celebration!

    Happy birthday Mommy Dhemz!

    Cheers and blessings,
    Tess @life is beautiful

  9. Happy Birthday, Dhemz. You sure cleaned up!

    Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  10. Belated happy birthday...
    Wish you all the best :)

  11. Happy Birthday Dhemz!! And praying for more birhtday's to come to enjoy with your husband, daughter, family and friends. ^_^

    Blue Monday

  12. How wonderful- Happy Birthday!!!!! Looks like it was a great one!

  13. Happy belated birthday Dhemz
    May love, happiness, good health and good fortune be your constant companion for always.

    Nice gifts
    Thank you for sharing the pix


  14. Your birthday was so meaningful with your hubby and Akesha greeting you with a birthday song when you woke up. Your hubby even cook food for you. You got wonderful gifts not only from your hubby and Akesha but also from your blogger friends Shy, Rose and Mommy Clang. You are so blessed indeed. The only thing lacking in your life is a baby boy. And I am praying to the Lord that He finally grant your wish for a darling baby boy. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  15. Whoa, kabongga imong celebration day hehehehe.. Happy birthday ulit sis, sensya na sa nakayanan ng pobreng lola.. Salamat sa commentos, sensya na at ngayon ang ulit nagparamdam..

    Okay naman first day ni Rye, ako anf hindi hahaha.. stressed ako lagi lol.

  16. hi Dhemz! Happy Birthday! I wish 28 palang ako hehe. Daming gifts.

    Many more gifts and blessings to come

  17. Belated happy birthday...ang dami

  18. Lots of gifts! Belated happy birthday :)

    Sporadic Thoughts

  19. Wow, from all over the world din talaga ang mga gifts mo Ate! Bongga! Advance Happy Birthday to you! Syempre looking young ka parin kaya ang wish/prayer ko lang sayo is mas madagdagan at mag tuloy tuloy lang ang joy sa heart mo, for I know yun ang talagang mag paparami pa ng BIRTHDAYS mo! :) Stay healthy and wealthy! God loves you and so do I! Thank you so much for the friendship and for allowing me to be part of your life!

    Anyway, thank you din po pala sa comment and for dropping by my blog. Yes, kinasal na po ako. 1 year ago na nga po eh! && in fact, na bigayan narin po kami ng baby boy kaagad! :) Super blessing talaga! I'll kwento lahat soon...

    God Bless you more!


  20. Belated happy bday Dhemz! It's so nice to be loved by blogpals all over the world, hehe!

    I am sure you had a blast on your bday. More blessings to you and your family.


  21. Belated Happy Birthday Girl hehehe

  22. wow! how sweet hubby and daughter are! I bet you had a great day on your special day.
    late visit for Green Monday!

  23. Ooh, it's your birthday, Happy Birthday sis, thank you for sharing and wishing you good health, more happiness and lots of love to cherish.

  24. Happy belated birthday Dhemz May love, happiness, good health and good fortune be your constant companion for always. Nice gifts Thank you for sharing the pix Umi


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