Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of School

How's your weekend everyone? I hope you had a fantastic one. Anyhow, last Tuesday was our daughter's first day of school. She goes to a reputable Christian Academy school here in SA.
She was so excited that day, but not really for us. It was an emotional moment leaving her behind. I honestly felt noxious that day. We just can't believe that our preemie baby is now a kindergarten. 
Hubby took a day off from work so he can witness his daughter's first day of school. 
Breakfast and lunch is included in her tuition fee. And since it's her first, we walked her through the cafeteria.
Photo opp with Mrs. Volkmer. Akesha's teacher.
Then we picked her up after class. I thought she was overwhelmed with all our questions. She told us how happy she was, and can't wait to go to school everyday....lol!
Our daily schedule is hubby will drop her off to school and I'll pick her up after school. Good luck Akesh!


  1. way to go akesh!
    i know the feeling leaving a kid into a whole knew whole:)

  2. enjoy the school,akesh. u made ur mom and dad more proud:)

    take care little "big" texan girl:)


  3. WOw, school girl na rin si akesh i thought september pa start dyan .. ANyway, good thing happy sya sa school non first week ni Kyla umiyak ng umiyak hheeh ..Buti n lang ok na sya ngayon .. Well, goodluck akesh kayang kaya mo yan =)

  4. wow, good girl naman and nice to know gustong gusto pumasok na :)

    here for BM!


  5. It's great that Akesha is now studying and is in kindergarten class. She is so cute in her school uniform. Your hubby is so kind to drop her off to school. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. aww, that's sweet of your hubby. your daughter is pretty. great that she is looking forward to school everyday!

  7. Sa amo August 22 pa my son will go to school na...She looks pretty. Happy blue Monday.

    Mine is here

  8. Sa amo August 22 pa my son will go to school na...She looks pretty. Happy blue Monday.

    Mine is here

  9. Hala oi, school na jud si kulot. maayo kay wa mihilak nga biyaan man sya. gwapa kaayo ang kulot nga naka uniform ah! lahi ra jud sa mga Americans si Akesha kay naka ayos jud sya....maayo kay ganahan diay sa school.. hehe

    ako BM naa sa Mom's Place hehehe.

  10. back here again for the nth time, demcy:)



  11. Way to go Akesh, parents talaga ang nahihirapan when it comes to separation anxiety hahaha. I was nauseated din during her first day last year. Lovely photos!

  12. Hello Dhemz!

    Your baby's now in kindergarten? Time flies... so fast!

    She looks so cute in her uniform. Love to see the proud daddy on the photos.

    Have a great day :)

  13. Glad she liked school.

    My Blue Monday is here.

  14. At least sis,you guys are able to be with her on her first day....When my little girlie went to kindergarten she was alone riding in the bus.

    That was the most painful mistake I've done,I should at least drop her off at school on her first day,but I chooses to go to work instead...I thanks God that she was fine and happy when she got home....It wont happen again...

  15. A precious moment in all your lives! Great to record it with lots of photos!

  16. Our school year starts in the beginning of the year, just after the new year day. Good to know that she's enjoying the first day of school.

  17. im with you sis, i know i would feel that again when RC starts kindergarten.

    she's so cute in her uniform


  18. Aw, she's so cute. Her uniform suits her.

    My entries:
    Moms...Check Nyo

  19. kanindot ana nga school Dhemz oi.. apil man pamahaw ug paniudto...

    wow, dako na jud si Akesha.. more photos to come hahaha.. good luck akesh!

  20. here again for RT!


  21. ako ulit for OT naman :)



    hope to see yo, thanks!

  22. ooooh! so sweet daddy..nag absent talaga for his little princess!

    just dropping by from Orange Tuesdays! Here's my entry, hope can hop there..see yah around!

  23. wow sis nagschool na jud imong pinalangga. Murag mag-adjust jud ka ana since im sure you and Akesha used to be together the whole day before and now she has to go to school na. It's good that she likes it in school. Kabuotan jud ni Akesh and it is so sweet of your hubby sis to have a day off just to take the baby daughter to school

  24. wow! school na si baby kesh..
    Visiting from Ruby Tuesday sis. Have a nice day..
    my Ruby Tuesday

  25. you look adorable in your uniform akesh. ganahan lage ko ila uniform tsang ky mura short.

    awwww the baby is now a big girl. mao mingaw na kaayo ang balay ky wala namay masugo sa inahan hehehe. jok lng tsang.

    karon dili na lesson ka busyhan ninyo kundi asignment na. doble na imu assignment bayot, ky sheriff ug akesha hehe

    btw, ikaw tsang do you have plans of going to school sd. ka super busy sa inyong lugar uy, kami ky busy ug pagahiay ug tinapulay hehehe

  26. congrats akesh! So proud of you, you are so brave of your first day of school mine is here for BLUE MONDAY Points of View and Thoughts, for MYM is here SAHM’s Online Diary, for Ruby Tuesday is here Anne’s Sweet Life, for ORange Tuesday is here My Little Home. Thanks!

  27. im sure its gonna be an exciting school year for her

    Hope you're having a fab week, check out my orange entry this week.

  28. All the best Akesh! She looks smart in her school dress and glad to know she enjoying going to school unlike many children cry. She had a caring father it seems :)

  29. Very doting parents! I bet, the two of you were even more excited than Akesha! Watch out Dhemz! Sobrang bilis ng panahon! Magigising ka na lang one day, college na ang beloved dawtah mo! And by that time, baka beauty titlist na si Akesh! Beauty eh!

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