Monday, August 29, 2011

Animal Kingdom Adventure

Here are some photos of us on our third adventure in Orlando, Florida. Animal Kingdom is the biggest Disney World's theme park in terms of acres. The safari itself is the size of The Magic Kingdom.
Thanks to sisRose for always taking our family pictures. 
We really had a great time at Animal Kingdom. Three things I enjoyed the most was the Kali River Rapids, It's Tough to be a Bug!, and the Kilimanjaro Safaris.
A photo opp with sisRose while waiting for the ride. The Kali River Rapids is one of the most popular attractions within the Animal Kingdom, and hence also has long queues. My guess was we waited for almost 2 hours.
The ride was super fun, and we're all soaking wet. Me and Akesha got wet the most when our raft dodge into a huge waterfall. EJ was our captain.
The kids got tasty treats after the ride.


  1. nice pictures.......kailan ang balik diyan sa animal kingdom,hehe..

  2. Exciting place, lovely family, beautiful young moms, and cutie kiddos! Enjoy to the max ang lamyerda ng mga bida!

  3. super fun talaga ang bonding nyo sis .. Enjoy looking on pictures.

  4. Weee pacopy ulit sis lol.. Ganda naman ng family pictures, very natural. Ikaw nabasa sa taas ako sa puwet hahaha. It was fun though.

    Barangay Captain lol.

  5. hehehe that pictures with the three dreamers is classic, i can tell na grabe nani sila giinitan ug gi uhaw. wa sila paki basta kitkit.

    loveeet. great family pictures bayot. kita adto ta vegas mag EB ka tua jolby didto hehehehehehe

  6. Musta nyora? Ka nindot sa imong theme oi hehe..agi ra ko diri gikan adgitize..

  7. All your photos are simply fantastic. Your collective smiles showed that you really enjoyed your visit at Animal Kingdom. The kids were also enjoying each other's company. Thanks for the post and the photos. God bless you all always.

  8. gwapoha oi..when kaya ko ka anha diha..hanggang picture na lang jud ta ani hehe.. ang tulo ba kataw-anan, gipang uhaw after sa ride hahaha

    kadtong food Dhemz kay gi prepare to sa ako na friend didto nga ang mga anak na amigo pod ni Janjan sa school. gi-invite mi ug dinner, pero mitabang ko ug prepare sa ingredients pero wala sa luto hehe.. bitaw lisod jud basahon ila words..hehehe

  9. Your sister has captured lovely photos of your family.

    The captures on kids are adorable... Hope u all had fun rides in the amusement park. Thanks for sharing your sis photo along with you all :)

  10. I think you have wonderful family. Enjoy your vacation. :)

  11. Visiting here bayot, lili ko kadali, sus akong blogs na bandwidth mao mamisita nku, ug dili ma badnwidth dili mag bloghop waaaa hehe


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