Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blogging Break

How are you guys all doing?! I hope ya'll are doing great. Anyhow, just a quick update before I sign off. I am taking a blogging break for a while. We're taking a vacation! My family and I are flying to Sunshine State tomorrow! Thanks for dropping by! I will get back to you in August.

- I almost forgot to document that today is the exact date since we moved from California to Texas. Ayay! We like living here!


  1. take me take me, im excited on your vacay. sus sayang wa mn mi ah ah da samut unta to ka enjoy. well Dias fam hope you will have a fun filled vacay im sure you will. hapita ko tsang ky sulod ko sa inyong suit case.

    You guys have a wonderful flight and god bless.

    kisses and hugs

  2. wow...vacation. have fun sa inyong family vacation sis..enjoy the trip!

  3. Yes, we will surely miss you but enjoy your vacation just the same. And after you come back to active blogging again, just cue us on all your happenings. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. inggit ako to the highest level! have fun mami!

  5. supah enjoy to the max,dias fam.take care:)

  6. enjoy and keep safe dhemz together with your angels in life... hafit ko!

  7. sus how time flies tsang mura mn ug ugma the vacay will come to an end, parang super enjoy kaayo mo da ky wa mn balita hehehe, visit ko diri kadali tsang

  8. hintayin ko ang pagbalik mo mula sa post ko ay ang TINTA na talaga na si Akesha ang model..may contest kasi si iya khin ng ng pag sulat ng poem na ang pamagat dapat may LUHA kaya naisipan kong sumali..ayun nagsulat ako ng poem na LUHA para entry ko sa contest niya..


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