Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday SIS!

Happy Birthday to one of the best online buddies I've ever known! You're one amazing being who's so passionate about helping others and your zest for life is incredible! Wishing you a fabulous birthday! Happy birthday SIS!
I believe we've been friends for almost 3 years now. And even though we haven't meet each other yet, I know for a fact that she's one of my online closest friends I can count on. Her friendship means a lot to me. We carry a conversation online/phone in which we both had a laugh. She is a kind of person who is full of life.  Happy birthday to you badingding!

 If you guys have time, will you please help me greet my friend on her special day! Thanks a lot....:)


  1. Left greetings yesterday .. agree lately ko lang nakilala si ate rose pero bait talaga.

  2. Happy birthday Mom, I love You!

    Thank you Tita!

  3. Happy Birthday to Rose! I don't know her as well as you do, but I do agree with the words you used to describe her!

    I haven't been here for a long time. I hope you and the rest of the Dias family are well, too. :)

  4. Happy Birthday bading. well you two will soon meet up and it's gonna be a fantastic week for you and your family to bind with each other. kakalungkot lng wala ako huhuhu, Happy birthday bading and may all your wishes come true.

  5. Happy birthday mommy rose! hope you will have a fantastic celebration!

  6. Happy Birthday to Rose. May she have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. Tama lahat ang sinabi mo tungkol kay Rose, Dhemz. Siya na yata ang pinakamabait at maalalahaning kaibigan mo online. Natutuwa nga ako sa pagkakaibigan ninyong mga Kumares, Inc. Tumaas nang husto ang paghanga ko sa mga Pinay mommies abroad dahil sa inyo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. Hello, Ate Dhemz! Yay, haven't visited here in a long time! I have missed reading your wonderful blogs! I hope all is well with you and your super laki ng baby girl! :)


  8. yay...abi nako na saag ko..hahaha...pagka nice sa new look nimo in...ikaw lang nagbuhat??..gusto lagi unta ko praktis pod ani oi hahaha.

    btw...happy birthday to sweet Rose again...

  9. sis D, abi sad ko nasaag ko dire... bag ong look naman sad ang imung balay.. nice one!

    Anyway, happy bday to rose.... enjoy and have a wonderful day!

  10. Happy Birthday to Ate Rose!I'm lucky to have her as one of my friends,a real treasure to keep^_^


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