Sunday, June 12, 2011

Handful of Errands

Ayay! It's the first day of the week once again. I don't like Mondays! Mondays are always a little manic aren’t they? And it seems like I’m always rushing out. Anyhow, I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
We had a handful of errands last Saturday. Saturday is always a busy day for us during weekends. We started our day by going to the dentist office.
Akesha and I had our dental appointments. I was a bit annoyed because it took us almost an hour to have our teeth cleaned. The dental hygienist was! She's taking her time doing other stuff instead of cleaning my teeth right away. And she does a lot of talking!
After our dentist appointment, we headed to the uniform store where they cater Akesha's school uniform. We  bought her a few sets of uniform (shorts and skirts) and other school accessories.
Our last pit stop was the Commissary. I always love shopping at the military base. Cheap and tax free! 


  1. Dhemz, ang imo link didto kay Smiling Sally, dili maka comment...kapila nako balik-balik, dili jud sya mag work, so diri na lang ko nag open sa Lifestyle nako nga link ug nag work man...try to i-check daw.

    Anyway, naa pod diay skirt, abi nako shorts tanan. hehe..nah! ingon ana pod dentist nako, sige estorya maski di ta katubag pag ayo kay naay naka salpak sa bibig hahaha.

    kalooy tawon sa gamay nga shopper oi, puno kaayo ang cart, bug-at itulod hehe.

  2. always a busy weekend for the three of u:) great and fun weekend:)

    aketch's ready fr her school, and load od stuffs, too, huh:)

    always take care...

    ul also. thanks for these site

  3. Ang bilis ng panahon,shes growing a big girl already!Gosh,she'll be in school na^_^

  4. haguy ka busy jud diay sa beauty nimo diha sis... hehehe! oi nice lagi kaayo ning imong blog layout sis ai.. kinsa nag make over ani sis? pila pud charge ani? i lab it jud! hehehe

  5. What a hectic weekend you had. The delay in the dentist office was so obvious based on your face and that of Akesha. Hindi maipinta ang mukha ninyo, hehehe. Great that you can buy all those wonderful stuffs at the commissary tax free. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. Love seeing her uniform :)

  7. what a busy day!

    at least you got to shop sa fave place mo. hehehe!

    visiting via BM!

    here's mine:

    hope you can drop by, thanks

  8. Hello.. wow after pila ka tuig nga sige nakog suroy diri... bagong bihis... hahaha.. so nice Dhemz...

    Akesha school girl na... bakit not the usual blue skirt and white blouse .. hahahah... kacute sa estudyante.. :)

  9. oh my gosh, i can't belived how much akesha have grown . makakita ra gyud ka nga dako na imung anak basta mo school na sa. ako sd tsang had my dental appointment last week, duol ra hinoon ky silingan ra mn nku so nag lakaw rko heheheh

  10. Wow very nice to go shopping at the commissary kay free of tax man diay. Sorry jud dhemz that I can't visit your blogs often. I am busy looking for another job kay sus wala naman work ako bana and then I am also busy applying for US citizenship. Hope everything is okay with you and your family.

  11. Despite being busy, your daughter still looks happy! -

  12. Ang laki na ni akesh dyan sa uniform hehehe.. Kakamiss nga magshopping sa commissary..

  13. little schooler na diay imo baby girl dhemz.. pwede na jud na dungagan.. hehehe

    Late visit from Mellow Yellow Monday
    Hope you can come and visit my MYMs at: White Crystals, Barter Goods, Kamias Flower, and my cute Little NBA Fan. Thanks!

  14. ganda ng bata nimo :) ka cute talaga

  15. looking for more yellows here...
    and you got nice ones, indeed!

    mine is up here sis:

  16. Hi Dhemz! I am glad to be finally back here. Was in absentia for a while. I heart the new lay out! It's cool!

    Quite a hectic day for yah. Love the photos.

    My entries are up here:





    See yah!

  17. Wow, that is tax-free. Intawon kami magbayad ug 6% sales tax. Sa NY jud, 8.25% ilang ginabayad.

  18. sis passing here... nice sandal sis love it ! sandal jud ang nakita...waaaa... maau pa ning mag inahan naglaag laag.

    Anyways sis musta naa naka studyante blues diay... maau paka..ehhe!

  19. Quite a hectic weekend you had there huh? Di bale, laging happy ending naman ang weekend eh. Grocery shopping is always fun. Lalo na pag cheaper at tax free tulad ng inyong military commissary.

    Ang cute nung porter ni Daddy! Lol!

  20. pagka busy sa life mura naho lol

    love the new layout mami

  21. Super busy talaga ah .. like the hair of akesh :)

  22. yay! pacute si mommy..hahaha
    Visiting from Green Monday..come and see my exciting
    GREEN ..
    Have a nice day!

  23. ooh, really lovely. Ang laki na ni Akesha.

    thanks for joining! Till Monday!


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