Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day Celebration

How's your weekend everyone? I hope you had a fantastic one! Our family had a fine weekend. Father's day was the highlight.  
For this year's Father's day, hubby got a few dragon figurines, cards, and shirts. 
Later, we took him to the Mirror Maze, Laser Vault, 3D Movie and dinner. 
The mirror maze was quite interesting. It took us awhile to find the way to the exit. 
Akesha had so much fun on the laser vault challenge. She did pretty good dodging the laser. 
Our last treat for Father's day was a 3D movie. We watched Kung Fu Panda 2. It was hilarious!


  1. wow, looks like you had so much fun! i can see...

    have a great week!

    visiting you from RT!

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    hope to see you there, thanks!

  2. 100 times the fun naman ang fafa day the max na ang sweetness, to the max pa sa libutan:)

  3. Awesome celebration!! Love those smiles. Happy Monday!

    Asian Lilies

  4. Kalingaw ninyo oy....exciting jud sa inyong weekend.

  5. Fun ways to celebrate dad's day :)
    What a great weekend!

    It's a pity that we don't celebrate Dad's day here...

  6. ang saya- saya naman weekend nyo. your really have a wonderful time.

    Life Moto - Happy Tuesday!

  7. Sounds like a day well spent. Great photos.

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    Moms...Check Nyo

  8. Ang saya saya naman ng celebraciones nyo sis weee! Ganda ni Akesh!

  9. The card is really cute. I'm sure the little miss enjoyed the movie. Hope you can visit my entry . Thank you. Have a good week!

  10. im here again for OT!

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    hope to see you. thanks!

  11. What a fun day! We didn't have as great a celebration as yours, we only dined out.

    Visiting from Orange Tuesdays!

    Here's my entry for this weekend.
    Four Seasons Shake

    - Xenia

  12. happy father's day to your hubby! we're planning of watching that too in big screen with our little girl but due to rainy weather during weekends it was postponed. siguro sa dvd na lang namin yan mapapanood.

  13. The laser lights looks like a lot of fun!! Wonderful family photos you've shared.

    Winston on a blanket of Flowers is my Tuesday Link. Hope to see you visiting today.

  14. Ang saya ng weekendscapade nyo! Hindi ba very challenging para ke Akesh yung mirror maze? Super fun ang lakad! For sure nag-enjoy ang celebrator daddy!

    Enjoy the week ahead Dhemz!

  15. ay ka nice sa ila celeb...wa pa mi katan-aw sa Kung Fu Panda 2...palit na lang siguro ko pirated para menus gastos...mahal ang gamot diri ron waaaaaaa.

  16. wow! nice father's day i just had a virtual celeb for my dad..hehehe..nasa malayo kasi ako.

    by the way, here's my ORANGE! :D

  17. Belated happy father's day to your hubby .. Nice celebration ah .. visiting via Orange Tuesday.

  18. That sounds so exciting tsang, wow, what a bongacious father's day treat to the man of the house. Ganahan d i si goryo ug dragon sd? naa ko duha ka dragon diri nga mo istorya gusto siya ani? hjehehe jok lng

    Sensya na bayot now lng naka suroy, mura ko ani ug uhong, now you see now you dont hehehe.

  19. Great Father's Day celebration. You had a very exciting Father's Day celebration. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  20. those are nice cards and a great father's day celebration too. we just stayed home this weekend as it was raining endless.

  21. lovely cards...i wish thet are selling cards like that here! no hallmarks cards nor other cards here that's as nice as yours, :( look like you all had fun, not just Dad. belated happy father's day sa hubby mo sis! visiting from Orange have a great week. -PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

  22. Ang saya naman sis!

    Kami, we just spent the whole day at my parents' house in QC. We couldn't celebrate as we usually celebrate kasi my sister just gave birth, and her daughter is still in a body cast rom her hip operation. We usually have dinner out as a family. So imbes na lumabas to have dinner, ang celebration naging breakfast, lunch and dinner. Big meals! My hubby even grilled porterhouse steak for everyone!

    Di na kami nag separate na celebration ng mister and anak ko kasi nag-uula din.

    P.S. Ang ganda-ganda talaga nyang si Akesha mo! Hope to meet her in person. Siya lang hindi ikaw...JOKE lang po!!!

    Be well!

  23. wow, i so love the card. Looks like a fancy day to all of you. Belated happy father's day to your hubby and thanks again for sharing.

  24. wow, interesting lagi nag mirror maze sis. it sure was another great family day


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